ABH-210        |          314.935.4525       |           314.935.6959  

Associate Dean, Student Life 

Elizabeth Walsh
Office: ABH-210E
Phone: 314.935.5861
E-Mail: ewalsh@wustl.edu 

Assistant Director of Financial Aid & Student Life

Carrie Burns
Office: ABH-210D
Phone: 314.935.4605
E-Mail: cjburns@wustl.edu 

Academic Services Specialist

Linda Coffin
Office: ABH-210B
Phone: (314) 935-4750
E-Mail: coffinl@wustl.edu 


Sarah Hellin
Office: ABH-210C
Phone: (314) 935-7458
Email: sarah.hellin@wustl.edu  

Assistant Registrar

Danielle Harris
Office: ABH-210
Email: danielle.harris@wustl.edu  

Office of Student Life Coordinator

Amy Gravel 
Office: ABH-210
Phone: 314.935.4610
E-Mail: agravel@wustl.edu  

Student Life & Accounting Coordinator

LeAndra Parker
Office: ABH-210F
Phone: (314) 935-6421
E-Mail: parkerlm@wustl.edu