Share your story

Many current students indicate that conversations with recent alumni about their own law school experiences and career paths have helped them become confident in the decision to attend WashULaw. With this in mind, we invite you to share your expertise with prospective students. Our goal is to have an extensive database so we may accommodate any prospective and/or admitted candidate who wishes to speak to an alumnus from their region of the country. Alumni volunteers can assist us in meeting this goal in several ways including those listed below. 

Alumni-Hosted Student Dinners 

Each year, we try to make our 1L students feel welcome to WashULaw, St. Louis and our alumni community. As part of orientation week, our alumni in St. Louis host casual dinners for students at a restaurant or in their homes, including backyard BBQs. All dinners are held on two (2) nights set aside for this purpose during orientation week activities. Typically, the dates will fall on the second or third week of August. If you would enjoy hosting students for dinner, please email the Alumni Office or phone (314) 935-5246.  

Alumni Coach Volunteer (Mock Interviews) 

The Alumni Coaching Program pairs WashULaw students with alumni coaches for mock interviews. We make an effort to match students with alumni coaches based primarily on each student’s geographic preference, and then according to employer type/size and practice area where available. There is no guarantee that you will be paired with a student who shares your professional interests, but we do our best. Mock interviews take place in the summer to prepare students for fall recruiting and in January/February for 1st-year students. Other interviews occur in an ad hoc fashion. We estimate that each mock interview you volunteer to conduct will take approximately 30 minutes of your time (15-minute interview; 15-minute feedback). Mock interviews should be conducted in person to provide students with the most constructive feedback. If you are interested in serving as a mock interviewer, please email Tanya Bishop or phone (314) 935-8044. 

Career Networking & Advising (Summer Connect Events) 

If you would like to host a group of summer associates in your city over the summer, our Summer Connect events are the perfect opportunity! These events strive to connect recent graduates in cities with students who are working there over the summer.  In 2018, Summer Connect events were hosted in Chicago, New York, D.C., and other cities across the country. If you are interested in hosting an event, please email the Alumni Office or phone (314) 935-5246.  

Career-Related Panelist or Program Speaker 

Share your career knowledge and expertise with students. The Career Services Office organizes many career-related panels during the school year for students. All students are invited and encouraged to attend. Most panels center on various practice areas, though there are a number that encompass broader topic areas, such as interviewing skills or professional development topics. Panelists selected represent as wide a spectrum as possible: employer type; employer size; private vs. public employers; geographic location; specialties within a given practice area; career changers; and different levels of experience. These one-hour panels typically take place during the lunch hour in one of the law school classrooms.  To express your interest in serving as a panelist or speaker, please email Tanya Bishop or phone (314) 935-8044. 

Reunion Committee Volunteer 

Reunion Weekend is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and to revisit the Law School. Become more involved with the weekend by joining your Reunion Class Committee. As a committee member, you will participate in conference calls to help encourage your classmates to attend Reunion Weekend. If you are interested in serving on your Reunion Committee please email the Alumni Office or phone (314) 935-5246.  

Competition Judging 

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The innovative Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program prepares graduates as advocates, counselors, problem solvers, negotiators, mediators, arbitrators, and policymakers. ADR offers a range of courses and lawyering skills competitions for law students, as well as seminars, speakers, and training programs for students, lawyers, and members of the community.  The program also sponsors mediation training, lectures, and CLE programs.  If you are interested in facilitating one of these program events, get involved!  For more information or to volunteer, please email Rachel Mance or phone (314) 935-6403. 

Client Counseling 

Students are encouraged to refine their lawyering skills by participating in Client Counseling Competitions. These competitions help students enhance their dispute resolution, interviewing, and counseling skills and they also provide excellent training in valuable lawyering skills and professional values.  The ADR Program administers the client counseling competitions. For more information or to volunteer, please email Rachel Mance or phone (314) 935-9764. 

Moot Court Competition Judge 

Moot Court programs are an important part of legal training at Washington University Law. They prepare students for and allow them to participate in appellate arguments. In the first-year Moot Court Program, students present a professional-level written brief and argue the case against fellow students before an appellate court composed of alumni and faculty. In the second year, students may participate in the annual moot court competition, a program in appellate advocacy administered by third-year students with faculty supervision.  During the annual moot court competition, students argue up to eight rounds before panels of judges and attorneys. The final argument occurs before the student body, faculty, and a panel of distinguished federal judges.  Preliminary round dates will be posted in late fall. For more information or to volunteer, please email Rachel Mance or phone (314) 935-9764. 

Trial Teams 

Each year, upper-class students can try out for a spot on the award-winning Trial Team.  As team members, they learn a variety of trial skills—analyzing case files, conducting examinations, and using demonstrative evidence, to name a few.  Students then apply, practice, and hone these skills in prestigious, full-trial competitions.  You can support WashULaw’s award-winning trial teams by volunteering your time and expertise as a coach or advisor.  For more information or to volunteer, please email Rachel Mance or phone (314) 935-9764.