Fostering a diverse community of students, staff, and faculty from different backgrounds and walks of life is essential to WashULaw’s core mission: to train students to succeed in the modern legal profession and serve as a hub of influential research production.

To live up to that commitment, we strongly emphasize the value and importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion across all dimensions of our curriculum, administration, and institution as a whole.

Achieving our mission requires more than teaching black-letter law. It requires an abiding emphasis on the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion as an integral commitment. Here are some concrete steps we have taken to successfully embody our mission statement:

  • Attracting and assembling one of the most diverse student bodies and faculties in our school’s history. Women, for example, make up over 48% of our current student body, while people of color account for almost 25%.
  • Mandating bias awareness and sexual harassment training to all in the law school community as part of our efforts to stamp out discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, socioeconomic background, and more.
  • Lending pro bono legal services to a variety of diverse community members in the St. Louis area and beyond, who would not otherwise have access to solid legal representation.
  • Hosting diverse speakers from around the nation and world to share, present, and lecture at the law school.
  • Establishing a robust offering of student groups, organizations, and resources specifically for diverse students. Please see an outline of these below, with links to their home pages.
  • Directing students to the university’s bias reporting form, which may be used to report incidents of experienced or witnessed discriminatory behavior.

WashULaw also has a proud history of valuing diversity. When we opened our doors in 1867, we admitted the first two women in the nation to attend a chartered law school: Phoebe Couzins and Lemma Barkeloo. In 1886, we admitted our first African American student, Walter Moran Farmer.

However, our work from the past and present must strengthen and continue into the future. We are galvanized to continue. Please join us on this important journey.


Congratulations to 1L Ashrakat Hassan, who received the BLSA Chapter Member of the Year Award at the 2024 BLSA Scholarship Banquet! Ashrakat is pictured with 1L Jaylen Hankins, 2L Avrye King, and 3L Tosin Agunloye.


BLSA honored Professor Norwood with the Faculty Member of the Year Award at the 2024 Scholarship Banquet. Congratulations to Professor Norwood, who is pictured with 3L Erica Jones!


Congratulations to Tanya Bishop, Recruiting and Operations Manager in the Career Center, who was recognized as Staff Member of the Year at the 2024 BLSA Scholarship Banquet!

Equity strengthens our community.

Gender Neutral Restrooms

There are a total of 4 gender neutral restrooms in Anheuser Busch Hall. All gender neutral restrooms can be found on the eastside of building, by the staircase on the first and second floor.

Lactation Room

The Office of Student Life (AB Hall, Suite 210) provides a small room with privacy lock, chair, and access to a sink and refrigerator. The Lactation Room is available to nursing mothers, Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm.

Serenity Room

The Office of Student Life (AB Hall, Suite 210) offers a quiet space dedicated for prayer and meditation. The Serenity Room is available to law students, Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm.

Bias Report and Support System

A system for those who have experienced or witnessed incidents of bias, prejudice or discrimination involving a student to report their experiences.

Bias Report and Support System

Center for Diversity and Inclusion

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion supports and advocates for undergraduate, graduate and professional students from underrepresented and/or marginalized populations, creates collaborative partnerships with campus and community partners, and promotes dialogue and social change among all students.

Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Equity and Inclusion Council

The Washington University Equity and Inclusion Council (WUEIC) is a representative body of students, staff, and faculty from across all corners of the university.

Equity and Inclusion Council

Our Leaders

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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Assistant Dean of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion