Selected Faculty Scholarship & Media

WashULaw faculty contribute cutting-edge research to the legal field, writing significant articles, books, casebooks, and more.

They are also often called upon to offer expert opinion across a range of media platforms, including: The Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg, U.S. News and World Report, Fox News, PBS, CNN, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Law360, The New York Times, Politico, Newsweek, and more. Look below for recent papers, articles, and media written by our professors, as well as articles that quote them.


Kathleen Clark I Forbes I 2/8/23 (Quote)
“Why Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Under Investigation? Probably For Her Dress, Makeup And Hairstyling At The Met Gala”

Travis Crum I The Missouri Independent I 2/3/23 (Quote)
“‘Ballot candy?’ Missouri GOP adds citizen-only voting into initiative petition changes”


Rachel Sachs I The New York Times I 1/28/23 (Quote)
“How a Drug Company Made $114 Billion by Gaming the U.S. Patent System”

Leila Sadat I PBS News Hour I 1/27/23 (Quote)
“Law blocking federal gun regulation sows confusion in Missouri”

Kim Thuy Seelinger I asymmetrical haircuts I 1/20/23 (Podcast)
“Sex Crimes Education with Valerie Oosterveld and Kim-Thuy Seelinger”

Dan Epps I Roll Call I 1/20/23 (Quote)
“Lawmakers poised to renew push to criminalize Supreme Court leaks”

Dan Epps I Bloomberg Law I 1/20/23 (Quote)
“Supreme Court Leak Probe Leaves Mystery: Were Justices Queried?”

Peter Joy I The Conversation I 1/19/23 (Article)
“What is involuntary manslaughter? A law professor explains the charge facing Alec Baldwin for ‘Rust’ shooting death”

Dan Epps I The Washington Post I 1/19/23 (Quote)
“Supreme Court says it can’t determine who leaked draft Dobbs opinion”

Greg Magarian I The St. Louis Post Dispatch I 1/18/23 (Article)
“The fatal flaw in efforts to restrict ‘inappropriate’ library materials”

Kathleen Clark I CNN I 1/17/23 (Quote)
“A famous last name, business deals and a looming probe: Republicans ramp up investigation of Biden family”

Neil Richards I Technology | Academics | Policy (TAP) I 1/13/23 (Lecture)
“Privacy Experts Neil Richards and Danielle Citron Talk About Why Privacy Matters”

Greg Magarian I The Source I 1/10/23 (Quote)
“WashU Expert: Proposed Missouri library rule violates First Amendment”

Kathleen Clark I The Washington Free Beacon I 1/10/23 (Quote)
“Federal Judge Orders Stacey Abrams Group To Reimburse Georgia $230K for Spurious Election Lawsuit”

Rachel Sachs I Health Affairs I 1/9/23 (Article)
“Prescription Drug Policy, 2022 And 2023: The Year In Review And The Year Ahead”


Andrew Tuch I CII’s Podcast: The Voice of Corporate Governance I 12/22/22 (Podcast Interview)
“The Further Erosion of Investor Protection with Andrew Tuch” 

Andrew Tuch I Law 360 I 12/22/22 (Quote)
“High Court Ruling On Direct Listing Appeal Could Be Pivotal”

Rachel Sachs I Vox I 12/22/22 (Quote)
“5 studies released in 2022 that might change how you think about health care”

Leila Sadat I American Society of International Law: Insights I 12/20/22 (Article)
“Mexico v. Smith & Wesson: Judge Dismisses Complaint Citing PLCAA and Standing Issues”

Leila Sadat I Just Security I 12/20/22 (Article)
“Coming Debates to Advance New Treaty on Crimes Against Humanity Will Require Skillful Leadership”

Peter Joy I St. Louis Public Radio I 12/16/22 (Quote)
“Lamar Johnson hearing wraps up after week of startling testimony”

John Inazu I The Veritas Forum I 12/15/22 (Podcast Interview)
“Beyond the Forum | An Insider’s Guide to the University with John Inazu”

Rachel Sachs I Endpoint News I 12/9/22 (Quote)
“Broken promises? FDA needs more power to remove drugs from marketplace, JAMA analysis finds”

Travis Crum I Election Law Blog I 12/8/22 (Article)
“The Fifteenth Amendment and the Independent State Legislature Theory”

Rachel Sachs I JAMA I 12/8/22 (Paper)
“Preapproval Promises to Voluntarily Withdraw FDA-Approved Drugs”

Leila Sadat I “Is the International Legal Order Unravelling?” Oxford University Press I 12/7/22
“The International Criminal Law of the Future” (Book Chapter)

Rachel Sachs I Health Affairs I 12/6/22 (Quote)
“Editorial Team, Oxford University Press Partner For Health Affairs Scholar: Emerging And Global Health Policy”

Greg Magarian I KPCC 89.3 FM I 12/5/22 (Radio Interview)
“Supreme Court Taking On Clash Between Religion And Gay Rights”

Kathleen Clark I Vanity Fair I 12/5/22 (Quote)
“Surprise: Trump Had Millions in Undisclosed Debt While President, and He Probably Would a Second Time Around Too”

Kathleen Clark I Forbes I 12/1/22 (Quote)
“Ted Cruz’s Podcast Deal With iHeartMedia May Violate Ethics Laws, Watchdog Says In New Complaint”


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