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WashULaw faculty contribute cutting-edge research to the legal field, writing significant articles, books, casebooks, and more.

They are also often called upon to offer expert opinion across a range of media platforms, including: The Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg, U.S. News and World Report, Fox News, PBS, CNN, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Law360, The New York Times, Politico, Newsweek, and more. Look below for recent papers, articles, and media written by our professors, as well as articles that quote them.


Gregory Magarian I I 9/14/23 (Quote)
“Alabama GOP chairman suggests state consider withdrawl from American Library Association”

Kathleen Clark I Mother Jones I 9/14/23 (Quote)
“Tump Says He’s Received Lucrative Offers to Buy His Properties”

Neil Richards I The Atlantic I 9/13/23 (Quote)
“You Should Worry About the Data Retailers Collect About You”

Kathleen Clark I US House of Representatives I 9/13/23 (Testimony)
“Committee on Oversight and Accountability”

Kathleen Clark I Associated Press I 9/8/23 (Quote)
“Body cam catches elite federal prosecutor offering his Justice Department card in DUI crash arrest”

Gregory Magarian I Associated Press I 9/5/23 (Quote)
“Conservative book ban push fuels library exodus from national association that stands up for books”


John Inazu I National Review I 8/28/23 (Brief)
“Re: Time to Kill Hill

John Inazu I Law & Liberty I 8/23/23 (Article)
“Unity in Our Liberties”

Peter Joy I KMOV I 8/22/23 (Quote)
“Mayor Jones says she’s ‘ready to fight’ for gun control; state officials say not so fast”

Pauline Kim I Axios I 8/22/23 (Quote)
“The affirmative action fight over big business is already here”

Greg Magarian I The New York Times I 8/20/23 (Op-Ed)
“The Revealing Case of a Kansas Judge and a Search Warrant”

Peter Joy I The Washington Times I 8/15/23 (Quote)
“Smith puts the legal profession through the wringer to prosecute Trump”

Greg Magarian I Mediaite I 8/14/23 (Quote)
‘”No Brainer’: Why Fox Just Paid $23 Million to Bench Its Top Lawyer”

Kathleen Clark I Forbes I 8/11/23 (Quote)
“How 2024 Presidential Candidate Francis Suarez Built A $6 Million Fortune”

Peter Joy I U.S. News & World Report I 8/11/23 (Quote)
“Trump’s Time-Worn Tactic of Delay Falls Short in Federal Courts”

Kathleen Clark I ProPublica I 8/10/23 (Quote)
“Clarence Thomas’ 38 Vacations: The Other Billionaires Who Have Treated the Supreme Court Justice to Luxury Travel”

Greg Magarian I USA Today I 8/10/23 (Quote)
“Donald Trump is using a First Amendment defense in his 2020 election case. Experts say it won’t work”

Russell Osgood I Missouri Lawyers Media I 8/9/23 (Quote)
“End to affirmative action leaves uncertainty in the legal field”

Greg Magarian I The Source I 8/8/23 (Quote)
“WashU Expert: Trump indictment does not violate First Amendment”

Greg Magarian I WION (World Is One News) I 8/8/23 (Quote)
“Legal expert deconstructs Trump’s First Amendment defence, calls it ‘tenuous and contrived argument'”

Greg Magarian I PolitiFact I 8/7/23 (Quote)
“Trump lawyer’s claim that indictment attacks First Amendment rights is dubious, experts say”

Greg Magarian I I 8/7/23 (Quote)
“Trump’s First Amendment Defense”

Peter Joy I The Conversation I 8/3/23 (Article)
“Trump may try to delay his first federal trial – it’s a common legal strategy to fend off a criminal conviction”

Peter Joy I ABA Journal I 8/1/23 (Quote)
“How Retainers Can Lead to Ethics Issues”

Dan Epps I The Nation I 8/1/23 (Podcast Episode)
“How to Balance the Supreme Court”

JULY 2023

Kathleen Clark I Talking Points Memo I 7/28/23 (Quote)
“Alito Gets Softball WSJ Interview With Attorney On Key Tax Case Before SCOTUS”

Pauline Kim I Forbes I 7/26/23 (Quote)
“AI Chatbots Are The New Job Interviewers”

Trevor Gardner I Jotwell I 7/21/23 (Quote)
“Racial Equity, Reform, and Abolition in the American Criminal Legal System”

Pauline Kim I Bloomberg Law I 7/20/23 (Quote)
“Republican AGs Have Tough Legal Road Against Corporate Diversity”

Kathleen Clark I The Indianapolis Star I 7/19/23 (Quote)
“Breaking a nondisclosure agreement from Todd Rokita’s office could cost employees $25,000”

Ron Levin I The Regulatory Review I 7/19/23 (Article)
“Standing and Vacatur in U.S v. Texas”

Pauline Kim I The Wall Street Journal I 7/14/23 (Quote)
“Republican Attorneys General Warn Top U.S. Businesses Over ‘Discrimination’”

Kathleen Clark I The Associated Press I 7/11/23 (Quote)
“Senators call for Supreme Court to follow ethics code like other branches of government”

Neil Richards I The Christian Science Monitor I 7/11/23 (Quote)
“An American nod to European privacy”

Pauline Kim I Vox I 7/9/23 (Quote)
“The future of affirmative action in the workplace”

Ron Levin I The Notre Dame Law Review I 7/6/23 (Paper)
“Vacatur, Nationwide Injunctions, and the Evolving APA”

John Inazu I The Dispatch I 7/1/23 (Article)
“Justice by Association: A review of Danielle Allen’s ‘Justice by Means of Democracy’”

JUNE 2023

Pauline Kim I The New York Times I 6/30/23 (Quote)
“Affirmative Action Ruling May Upend Hiring Policies, Too”

Peter Joy I The St. Louis Post Dispatch I 6/30/23 (Quote)
“St. Charles’ lawyers to get 35% of city’s take from lawsuit against Ameren, if they win”

Kathleen Clark I The Wall Street Journal I 6/30/23 (Quote)
“Ethics Official Owned Meta Stock While Recommending FTC Chair Recuse Herself From Meta Case”

Adrienne Davis I USA Today I 6/26/23 (Quote)
“‘I’m wired differently’: What it feels like to be polyamorous and how couples make it work”

Kathleen Clark I Salon I 6/23/23 (Quote)
“‘Shady and corrupt’: Watchdog group sounds the alarm over Amy Coney Barrett real estate deal”

Neil Richards (with Oliver Khairallah) I The Privacy Advisor I 6/23/23 (Article)
“Digital child protection is not censorship”

Kathleen Clark I CNN I 6/22/23 (Quote)
“Alito in the hot seat over trips to Alaska and Rome he accepted from groups and individuals who lobby the Supreme Court”

Kathleen Clark I The Washington Post I 6/21/23 (Quote)
“Where Supreme Court’s Clarence Thomas Ethics Accusations Might Lead”

Kathleen Clark I PBS NewsHour I 6/21/23 (Quote)
“Supreme Court Justice Alito faces scrutiny over undisclosed luxury trip from GOP donor”

Adam Rosenzweig I Jotwell I 6/19/23 (Article)
“Is There Implicit Bias in International Tax Law?”

Dan Epps I The New York Times I 6/15/23 (Quote)
“Justice Neil Gorsuch Is a Committed Defender of Tribal Rights”

Kathleen Clark I Bloomberg I 6/11/23 (Quote)
“Trump Indictment Highlights the Perils of Being His Lawyer”

Kathleen Clark I The Daily Beast I 6/10/23 (Quote)
“Ron DeSantis Hates the Elites, but Gives Them the Little Guy’s Money Anyway”

Andrew Tuch I Bloomberg I 6/8/23 (Quote)
“SPAC ‘Fairness’ Reports Are Anything But Fair for Shareholders”

Andrew Tuch I Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance I 6/6/23 (Article)
“Fairness Opinions and SPAC Reform”

Kathleen Clark I Bloomberg Tax I 6/6/23 (Quote)
“Disney-DeSantis Feud Recusal a Possible Reply to Supreme Court”

Andrew Tuch I Law360 I 6/5/23 (Quote)
“High Court Ruling Bolsters Viability Of Direct Listings”

Kathleen Clark I The Messenger I 6/2/23 (Quote)
“Lindsey Graham’s Efforts to Pay Legal Fees Tied to Trump Georgia Probe Continued into 2023, Documents Show”

MAY 2023

Conor Clarke I The Atlantic I 5/24/23 (Op-Ed)
“There Is No Constitutional End Run Around the Debt Ceiling”

Kathleen Clark I I 5/23/23 (Quote)
“Investigation Into Politicking US Attorney Provides Stern Warning to Federal Prosecutors”

Travis Crum I Election Law Blog I 5/23/23 (Guest Blog)
“Justice Scalia’s Draft Dissent from Denial of Certiorari in Rice v. Cayetano”

Conor Clarke I The Wall Street Journal I 5/22/23 (Op-Ed)
“The Phony Debt-Ceiling ‘Calamity’”

Kathleen Clark I The Boston Globe I 5/18/23 (Quote)
“Rollins’s ‘extraordinary abuse’ of power is ripe for Mass. bar investigation, experts say”

Kathleen Clark I Bloomberg Law I 5/18/23 (Quote)
“Boston US Attorney Likely to Face Bar Probe, Ethicists Say”

Kathleen Clark I Amarica’s Podcast with Akhil Reed Amar I 5/17/23 (Interview)
“Judging for Yourself: Special Guest Kathleen Clark”

Kathleen Clark I The Lever I 5/16/23 (Quote)
“DeSantis Allows Anti-‘Woke’ Giveaway To Big Wall Street Donors”

Kathleen Clark I Bloomberg Law I 5/12/23 (Quote)
“Assange Allies Turn to Squire Patton Boggs to Help Lobby DOJ”

Dan Epps & Kyle Rozema I The New York Times I 5/12/23 (Quote)
“Opinion: Clarence Thomas Can’t Undermine the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court Fast Enough”

Katherine Scannell I U.S. News & World Report I 5/11/23 (Quote)
“What Does It Take to Get Into a Top Law School?”

Kathleen Clark I The Washington Post I 5/9/23 (Quote)
“Where Supreme Court’s Clarence Thomas Ethics Accusations Might Lead”

Kathleen Clark I The Hill I 5/8/23 (Quote)
“Why are the liberal justices quiet on the Supreme Court ethics scandal?”

Greg Magarian I The Kansas City Star I 5/8/23 (Quote)
‘”It dilutes their vote’: Plan to restrict MO ballot measures could face legal trouble”

Peter Joy I The St. Louis Post Dispatch I 5/5/23 (Quote)
“With Kim Gardner leaving, hands raise to pick up backlog in St. Louis criminal cases”

Kathleen Clark I Vanity Fair I 5/5/23 (Quote)
“Oops: Ginni Thomas’s Firm Also Received Cash Payments From a Conservative With Business Before the Supreme Court”

Greg Magarian I The Christian Science Monitor I 5/4/23 (Quote)
“Disney versus DeSantis: Does free speech cover corporate privileges?”

Kathleen Clark I The Washington Post I 5/4/23 (Quote)
“Judicial activist directed fees to Clarence Thomas’s wife, urged ‘no mention of Ginni’”

Kathleen Clark I The New York Times I 5/4/23 (Quote)
“Justice Thomas’s Friend Defends Failure to Disclose Tuition Payments by Harlan Crow”

Kathleen Clark I The Joplin Globe I 5/3/23 (Quote)
“Our view: Give the money back, give us an explanation”

Tom Russell I Seattle University Law Review I 5/2/23 (Paper)
“Blood on the Tracks”

Kathleen Clark I Missouri Independent I 5/1/23 (Quote)
“Missouri AG faces criticism for dropping out of gambling lawsuit against highway patrol”

APRIL 2023

Kathleen Clark I Vox I 4/28/23 (Quote)
“The thorny ethical issues of the Pentagon partnering with the private sector”

Kathleen Clark I Politico I 4/26/23 (Quote)
“Supreme Court’s new ethics declaration stops short of concrete action”

Kathleen Clark I Associated Press I 4/26/23 (Quote)
“Supreme Court on ethics issues: Not broken, no fix needed”

Elizabeth D. Katz I The Boston Globe I 4/25/23 (Op-Ed)
“150 years of women’s progress support amending the Massachusetts Constitution”

Peter Joy I The Los Angeles Times I 4/21/23 (Quote)
“Triggers and tragedies: Wrong-place shootings put ‘stand your ground’ laws in the spotlight”

Peter Joy I NewsNation I 4/20/23 (Video Interview)
“When can stand your ground laws justify a shooting?”

Peter Joy I St. Louis Public Radio I 4/20/23 (Quote)
“2 shootings at mistaken addresses renew the focus on controversial self-defense laws”

Peter Joy I CBS News I 4/19/23 (Quote)
“Andrew Lester, White man charged in shooting of Black teen Ralph Yarl, out on bond as some urge additional charge of hate crime”

Peter Joy I Associated Press I 4/18/23 (Quote)
“Ralph Yarl armed only with ‘Black skin,’ family lawyer says”

Kathleen Clark I ProPublica I 4/13/23 (Quote)
“Billionaire Harlan Crow Bought Property From Clarence Thomas. The Justice Didn’t Disclose the Deal”

Adrienne Davis I USA Today I 4/11/23 (Quote)
“What is polyamory? What to know about poly relationships.”

Kathleen Clark I Talking Points Memo I 4/8/23 (Quote)
“Clarence Thomas Defends Undisclosed ‘Family Trips’ With GOP Megadonor. Here Are The Facts.”

Tom Russell I The Wall Street Journal I 4/7/23 (Letter)
“Bad Legal Teaching Has Been Reversed Before”

MARCH 2023

Kathleen Clark I The Independent I 3/24/23 (Quote)
“Joe Rogan compares Trump hush money case to Bill Clinton and John Edwards scandals”

Kyle Rozema I The New York Times I 3/23/23 (Quote)
“Free Speech Doesn’t Mean Free Rein to Shout Down Others”

Leila Sadat I CNN I 3/20/23 (Video Interview)
“Hear legal expert’s prediction for Putin after arrest warrant issued”

Leila Sadat I Asymmetrical Haircuts I 3/20/23 (Podcast Interview)
Justice Update: Putin and The Hague

Ron Levin I Yale Journal on Regulation I 3/18/23 (Quote)
“Is Universal Vacatur Only an Illusion?”

Leila Sadat I Voice of America I 3/17/23 (Quote)
“ICC Issues Arrest Warrant for Putin”

Leila Sadat I CBS News I 3/15/23 (Quote)
“Ukraine war crimes cases to open as International Criminal Court seeks 1st arrest warrants since Russia’s invasion”

Kathleen Clark I Vox I 3/14/23 (Quote)
“A little-known rule would make congressional hearings more transparent”

John Inazu I The New York Times I 3/12/23 (Quote)
“The Real Problem With the ‘He Gets Us’ Ads”

Kim Norwood I The St. Louis American I 3/9/23 (Op-Ed, co-written)
“Black female attorneys stand up for Kim Gardner”

Kyle Rozema I ABA Journal I 3/8/23 (Quote)
“Using data, law prof finds many disciplined lawyers represent consumers—with no oversight”

Peter Joy I The Show on KMOX I 3/7/23 (Podcast)
“Peter Joy Talks Overwhelming Amount of Cases in Circuit Attorney’s Office”

Peter Joy I The St. Louis Post Dispatch I 3/6/23 (Quote)
“St. Louis prosecutor’s staff down by nearly half as caseloads jump. ‘Seriously underwater.’”

Andrew Tuch I The Source I 3/6/23 (Quote)
“WashU Expert: Goldman Sachs’ sale won’t allow return to ‘freewheeling ways’”

Travis Crum I Election Law Blog I 3/3/23 (Guest Blog)
“Coming of Age Reading the Election Law Blog”

Rachel Sachs I The Washington Post I 3/3/23 (Op-Ed)
“The stakes in the Texas abortion medication suit are broader than just one pill”

Greg Magarian I The Georgia Law Review I March 2023 (Paper)
“Centering Noncitizens’ Free Speech”

Dan Epps & Danielle D’Onfro I The Yale Law Journal I March 2023 (Paper)
“The Fourth Amendment and General Law”

Peter Joy I ABA Journal I 3/1/23 (Quote)
“Choice-of-law questions for state ethics rules examined in new ABA opinion”


Peter Joy I The St. Louis Post Dispatch I 2/25/23 (Quote)
“Judge appointed to case over Kim Gardner’s removal. Here’s what to expect next.” 

Kathleen Clark I NBC News I 2/24/23 (Quote)
“President Biden’s aides won’t establish legal defense fund to pay lawyer bills”

Peter Joy I The St. Louis Post Dispatch I 2/24/23 (Quote)
“Failure in office or political target? St. Louis prosecutor faces legal fight for her future.”

Peter Joy I The St. Louis Post Dispatch I 2/23/23 (Quote)
“Missouri Attorney General launches effort to remove Kim Gardner, claims ‘Neglect in Office.”

Rachel Sachs I Endpoints News I 2/22/23 (Quote)
“CMS to work closely with FDA on accelerated approval payment reforms”

Peter Joy I The Washington Post I 2/22/23 (Quote)
“Could the Georgia grand jury forewoman’s media tour cause problems?”

Kyle Rozema I The New York Times I 2/15/23 (Quote)
“Diversity vs. Fairness: When the Supreme Court upheld affirmative action in the 1970s, it helped lay the groundwork for the program’s demise”

Peter Joy I St. Louis Public Radio I 2/14/23 (Quote)
“Judge rules Lamar Johnson should be freed after nearly 30 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit”

Peter Joy I St. Louis Public Radio I 2/14/23 (Quote)
“Judge rules Lamar Johnson should be freed after nearly 30 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit”

Daniel Harawa I Bloomberg Law I 2/7/23 (Quote)
“Lawyer’s Racist Posts Test Conflict of Interest Standards”

Kathleen Clark I Forbes I 2/8/23 (Quote)
“Why Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Under Investigation? Probably For Her Dress, Makeup And Hairstyling At The Met Gala”

Travis Crum I The Missouri Independent I 2/3/23 (Quote)
“‘Ballot candy?’ Missouri GOP adds citizen-only voting into initiative petition changes”


Lech Garlicki (with Marta Derlatka) I Abusive Constitutionalism in Europe I (Book chapter)
“Constitutional Courts in the Abusive Constitutionalism” 

Michael Green I West Academic Publishing I (Casebook coauthor)
“Products Liability, Cases and Materials,” 6th edition

Rachel Sachs I The New York Times I 1/28/23 (Quote)
“How a Drug Company Made $114 Billion by Gaming the U.S. Patent System”

Leila Sadat I PBS News Hour I 1/27/23 (Quote)
“Law blocking federal gun regulation sows confusion in Missouri”

Kim Thuy Seelinger I asymmetrical haircuts I 1/20/23 (Podcast)
“Sex Crimes Education with Valerie Oosterveld and Kim-Thuy Seelinger”

Dan Epps I Roll Call I 1/20/23 (Quote)
“Lawmakers poised to renew push to criminalize Supreme Court leaks”

Dan Epps I Bloomberg Law I 1/20/23 (Quote)
“Supreme Court Leak Probe Leaves Mystery: Were Justices Queried?”

Peter Joy I The Conversation I 1/19/23 (Article)
“What is involuntary manslaughter? A law professor explains the charge facing Alec Baldwin for ‘Rust’ shooting death”

Dan Epps I The Washington Post I 1/19/23 (Quote)
“Supreme Court says it can’t determine who leaked draft Dobbs opinion”

Greg Magarian I The St. Louis Post Dispatch I 1/18/23 (Article)
“The fatal flaw in efforts to restrict ‘inappropriate’ library materials”

Kathleen Clark I CNN I 1/17/23 (Quote)
“A famous last name, business deals and a looming probe: Republicans ramp up investigation of Biden family”

Neil Richards I Technology | Academics | Policy (TAP) I 1/13/23 (Lecture)
“Privacy Experts Neil Richards and Danielle Citron Talk About Why Privacy Matters”

Greg Magarian I The Source I 1/10/23 (Quote)
“WashU Expert: Proposed Missouri library rule violates First Amendment”

Kathleen Clark I The Washington Free Beacon I 1/10/23 (Quote)
“Federal Judge Orders Stacey Abrams Group To Reimburse Georgia $230K for Spurious Election Lawsuit”

Rachel Sachs I Health Affairs I 1/9/23 (Article)
“Prescription Drug Policy, 2022 And 2023: The Year In Review And The Year Ahead”


Andrew Tuch I CII’s Podcast: The Voice of Corporate Governance I 12/22/22 (Podcast Interview)
“The Further Erosion of Investor Protection with Andrew Tuch” 

Andrew Tuch I Law 360 I 12/22/22 (Quote)
“High Court Ruling On Direct Listing Appeal Could Be Pivotal”

Rachel Sachs I Vox I 12/22/22 (Quote)
“5 studies released in 2022 that might change how you think about health care”

Leila Sadat I American Society of International Law: Insights I 12/20/22 (Article)
“Mexico v. Smith & Wesson: Judge Dismisses Complaint Citing PLCAA and Standing Issues”

Leila Sadat I Just Security I 12/20/22 (Article)
“Coming Debates to Advance New Treaty on Crimes Against Humanity Will Require Skillful Leadership”

Peter Joy I St. Louis Public Radio I 12/16/22 (Quote)
“Lamar Johnson hearing wraps up after week of startling testimony”

John Inazu I The Veritas Forum I 12/15/22 (Podcast Interview)
“Beyond the Forum | An Insider’s Guide to the University with John Inazu”

Rachel Sachs I Endpoint News I 12/9/22 (Quote)
“Broken promises? FDA needs more power to remove drugs from marketplace, JAMA analysis finds”

Travis Crum I Election Law Blog I 12/8/22 (Article)
“The Fifteenth Amendment and the Independent State Legislature Theory”

Rachel Sachs I JAMA I 12/8/22 (Paper)
“Preapproval Promises to Voluntarily Withdraw FDA-Approved Drugs”

Leila Sadat I “Is the International Legal Order Unravelling?” Oxford University Press I 12/7/22
“The International Criminal Law of the Future” (Book Chapter)

Rachel Sachs I Health Affairs I 12/6/22 (Quote)
“Editorial Team, Oxford University Press Partner For Health Affairs Scholar: Emerging And Global Health Policy”

Greg Magarian I KPCC 89.3 FM I 12/5/22 (Radio Interview)
“Supreme Court Taking On Clash Between Religion And Gay Rights”

Kathleen Clark I Vanity Fair I 12/5/22 (Quote)
“Surprise: Trump Had Millions in Undisclosed Debt While President, and He Probably Would a Second Time Around Too”

Kathleen Clark I Forbes I 12/1/22 (Quote)
“Ted Cruz’s Podcast Deal With iHeartMedia May Violate Ethics Laws, Watchdog Says In New Complaint”


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