Selected Faculty Scholarship & Media

WashULaw faculty contribute cutting-edge research to the legal field, writing significant articles, books, casebooks, and more.

They are also often called upon to offer expert opinion across a range of media platforms, including: The Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg, U.S. News and World Report, Fox News, PBS, CNN, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Law360, The New York Times, Politico, Newsweek, and more. Look below for recent papers, articles, and media written by our professors, as well as articles that quote them.


Kathleen Clark I The Associated Press I 9/20/22 (Quote)
“Ethics board keeps ‘action’ secret on complaint against Noem”

Kathleen Clark I The Washington Post I 9/16/22 (Quote)
“Opinion: The curious case of the strange man who was nearly attorney general”

Peter Joy I The St. Louis Post Dispatch I 9/10/22 (Quote)
“A private policing company in St. Louis is staffed with top police department officers”

Peter Joy I ProPublica I 9/9/22 (Quote)
A Private Policing Company in St. Louis Is Staffed With Top Police Department Officers

Tara Rocque I The Source I 9/9/22 (Quote)
WashU Expert: Jackson water issues result of environmental racism

Dan Epps I Minnesota Law Review I 9/7/22 (Paper)
“Nonpartisan Supreme Court Reform and the Biden Commission”

Neil Richards I Inside Higher Ed I 9/7/22 (Quote)
“Should Professors Still Record Lectures? Maybe. Maybe Not.”

Brian Tamanaha I Inside Higher Ed I 9/6/22 (Quote)
“Vermont’s Lone Law School Branches Out”

Daniel Harawa I The Crime Report I 9/1/22 (Quote)
“Race and the Roberts Court”


Peter Joy I Reuters I 8/31/22 (Quote)
“Explainer: How will attorney-client privilege affect the Trump records probe?”

Kathleen Clark I The New York Times I 8/27/22 (Quote)
“Skirting Ethics Order, Hochul Seeks Donations From Cuomo Appointees”

Rachel Sachs I The Associated Press I 8/27/22 (Quote)
“EXPLAINER: Lower prescription prices to take time in new law”

Neil Richards I Press Watch I 8/26/22 (Quote)
“Coverage of Ron DeSantis shows the media has learned nothing from Trump”

Peter Joy I Voice of America I 8/26/22 (Quote)
“How Grand Juries Work and What They’re Doing About Jan. 6”

Elizabeth Katz & Kyle Rozema I I 8/25/22 (Quote)
“‘Pink Ghettos’: New Study Find Female Law Deans, Faculty Often Relegated to Lower Status Positions”

Rachel Sachs I Bloomberg Law I 8/25/22 (Quote)
“Drug Negotiations Will Drive Biosimilars as Patent Tactics Shift”

Peter Joy I KMOV I 8/24/22 (Television Interview)
“Officer charged in 2020 death of Moline Acres sergeant hit, killed during police chase”

Neil Richards I WIRED I 8/24/22 (Quote)
“The Privacy Flaw Threatening US Democracy”

Rachel Sachs I Axios I 8/24/22 (Quote)
“New drug pricing law puts cancer drugs in the spotlight”

Peter Joy I The Washington Post I 8/24/22 (Video Segment)
“Inside the investigation of an officer who killed a teen threatening suicide”

Elizabeth Katz & Kyle Rozema I ABA Journal I 8/22/22 (Quote)
“Law school achievement gap by gender for faculty and deans examined in new paper”

Greg Magarian I The New York Times I 8/19/22 (Quote)
“Florida’s ‘Stop WOKE’ Act Gets Pushback in Court”

Rachel Sachs I The New York Times I 8/19/22
Fact-Checking Health Claims About the Inflation Reduction Act (Quote)

Dan Epps & Kyle Rozema I SCOTUS Blog I 8/16/22
“Term limits for justices gain new attention, but prospects for passage remain dim” (Quote)

Rachel Sachs I The Washington Post I 8/16/22
“Medicare chief vows to implement drug pricing reforms on time” (Quote)

Peter Joy I Law 360 I 8/12/22
“Behind Judge Hurd’s Senior Status Flip: Politics, Preferences” (Quote)

Rachel Sachs I Health Affairs I 8/10/22
“Understanding The Democrats’ Drug Pricing Package” (Op-Ed)

Dan Epps I Politico I 8/5/22
“The NRA’s Shadowy Supreme Court Lobbying Campaign” (Quote)

Peter Joy I ABA Journal I 8/1/22
“Avoiding Unlawful Client Solicitation: Attorneys Must Ensure Subordinates Know the Do’s and Don’t’s” (Quote)

JULY 2022

Katherine Scannell I U.S. News & World Report I 7/27/22
“How to Go to Law School for Free” (Quote)

Peter Joy I The Conversation I 7/27/22
“How do grand juries work? Their major role in criminal justice, and why prosecutors are using them to investigate efforts to overturn the 2020 election” (Essay)

Rachel Sachs I Kaiser Health News I 7/25/22
“Ad Targeting Manchin and AARP Mischaracterizes Medicare Drug-Price Negotiations” (Quote)

Daniel Harawa I Viewpoints Radio I 7/24/22
“Progress In Policing Initiatives Since George Floyd’s Death” (Radio Segment)

Russell Osgood I Inside Higher Ed I 7/13/22
“Gap Between Online and In-Person Learning Narrows” (Quote)

Susan Appleton I Inside Higher Ed I 7/11/22
“A conversation with Wash. U law professor Susan Frelich Appleton on what the end of Roe v. Wade means for Missourians” (Interview)

Rachel Sachs Bloomberg I 7/7/22
“People with chronic illness in US now risk having medication restricted” (Quote)

Adrienne Davis St. Louis Post Dispatch I 7/3/22
“Standing up: Women leaders in St. Louis respond to post-Roe reality” (Quote)

Dan Epps I CNN I 7/2/22
“Supreme Court makes it clear there’s a red America and a blue America” (Quote)

JUNE 2022

Daniel Harawa I California Law Review I 6/30/22 (Paper)
“Lemonade: A Racial Justice Reframing of The Roberts Court’s Criminal Jurisprudence”

Lee Epstein I New York Times I 6/30/22
“Dobbs Is Not the Only Reason to Question the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court” (Quote)

Susan Appleton I Vox I 6/27/22
“The coming legal battles of post-Roe America” (Quote)

Dan Epps I New York Times I 6/27/22
“The Politicization of the Supreme Court Is Eroding Its Legitimacy” (Quote)

Lee Epstein I NPR I 6/27/22
“Supreme Court backs a high school coach’s right to pray on the 50-yard line” (Quote)

Daniel Harawa I Politico I 6/23/22
“‘Frightful in its scope’: New York lawmakers scramble to counteract SCOTUS gun ruling” (Quote)

Kim Norwood I PBS Newshour I 6/22/22
“Missouri becomes latest state to use COVID relief to support underfunded schools” (Article/Television Segment)

Leila Sadat I Harvard Law Review I 6/21/22
“Torture in Our Schools? Symposium Essay”

Kyle Rozema I Reuters I 6/6/22
“GOP-appointed judges less likely to require masks during COVID – study”