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Programs for International Lawyers

LLM for International Lawyers

Designed for law students who are interested in increasing their knowledge of the United States or international law. Optional certificate programs allow specialization.

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Programas para Abogados Internacionales

WashULaw ofrece programas de LLM (Maestrias en Derecho) para abogados internacionales o profesionales que han culminado un primer programa en derecho.

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LLM in Specialty Areas

WashULaw offers LLM degree programs for International Lawyers concentrating on Negotiation & Dispute Resolution (NDR) or IP/Technology

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Two-Year LLM for Foreign Lawyers

A two-year graduate degree program designed to provide intensive support in Legal English combined with law classes and immersion into the local legal community.

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Juris Scientiae Doctor (JSD)

Designed for attorneys pursuing a career in academia, policy, or scholarly legal research focused on exceptional candidates with a sophisticated scholarly focus.

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Programs for US-Trained Lawyers

US-Trained LLM in Taxation

Designed to provide comprehensive and specialized training to lawyers and law school graduates who plan to specialize in tax.

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US-Trained LLM in IP/Technology Law

This program allows students to study introductory and advanced intellectual property and technology law and to scrutinize the politics affecting those areas of the law under the guidance of leading scholars in the field.

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US-Trained LLM, Concentration in Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

Practicing lawyers can further their careers as effective and skilled negotiators, advocates, mediators, arbitrators, policymakers, and business leaders in national and international arenas.

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US-Trained LLM, Customized

The customized LLM offers students the opportunity to earn an advanced law degree with a focus of their own choosing.

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Program for Non-JD Students

Master of Legal Studies (MLS)

This program allows non-lawyers to take a broad range of law courses to develop a general understanding of the legal system or specialize in a particular area of the law.

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Certificates for MLS Students

Students in the MLS Program have the opportunity to pursue a certificate in a specialty area as part of the MLS degree program.

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Professional Institute (Lawyers and Non-Lawyer Professional)

This series of professional education programs allow lawyers and non-lawyer professionals to acquire new skills and explore timely issues over the course of two weekend sessions.

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Online Programs

Online Master of Legal Studies

Designed specifically for non-lawyers and professionals looking to build their knowledge of the U.S. legal system to better perform their law-related tasks at work. Skills are applicable across a variety of industries.

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Online LLM for International Lawyers

Designed for international lawyers who would like to improve their understanding of U.S. law in order to practice law in the U.S. or to work at an international law firm.

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Online Tax LLM

Designed for lawyers and law school graduates who want to specialize in tax law and solve complex tax problems. Graduates will be prepared to assist individuals and organizations in all major areas of tax.

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Graduate Student Spotlight

Graduate Student Spotlight

Marsha Clarke
JD ’13, NDR LLM ’15

"The NDR LLM program at WU prepared me for a variety of career paths both here in the US and overseas. I am far more skilled - and far more marketable – as a result of my added degree."

Xiangyuan Yu
US Law LLM ’19

"I love WashULaw, not only because it boasts world renowned experts dedicated to teaching, but also because it pays great attention to students' career development, for which I'm very grateful."

Frederike Wilhelmi
IP & Tech LLM '10

"The Copyright and Trademark Practice classes were amazing. I learned the ins-and-outs of IP law from successful practicing attorneys! I enjoyed learning about the U.S. legal system, and through discussions with professors and fellow students, I realized that similar policies can be advanced in different ways."

WashUlaw students enjoy the reading room.

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We know that there is life outside the classroom. Let us show you our beautiful campus, world-class library, and rich community culture that makes Washington University a great place to learn and live.

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Professional Development, Licensure, and Bar Examinations


Tuition, Financial Aid, and Scholarships.

MLS and LL.M. Tuition

Tuition for the Master of Legal Studies (MLS), the Master of Legal Studies in Taxation (Tax MLS), the Master of Laws in Taxation (Tax LLM), and the Master of Laws in U.S. Laws (LL.M. in U.S. Laws) programs for the 2024-2025 academic year is US $2,917 per credit. There are 24 credits required to complete each program, and total tuition cost for each degree is US $70,008. This total tuition cost is not due up front. Tuition payments are broken down by term. Students are only responsible for paying for the courses in which they are enrolled for the term. Please note that tuition costs are subject to change at the discretion of the university. Tuition rates typically increase on an annual basis during the summer term.

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Financial Aid

U.S. Applicants

U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for federal financial aid programs, which include federal student loans. We encourage candidates to apply for financial aid as early as possible.

You must be registered for a minimum number of credits in order to qualify for financial aid on a term basis. Students who choose to take a less accelerated path toward completion of the degree should be aware that this will impact federal financial aid eligibility.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

If you plan to apply for financial aid to help fund your online studies at Washington University in St. Louis, you will need to complete the following steps, or download the WashULaw Federal Student Aid Checklist (PDF, 120KB).

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. Include the Washington University in St. Louis school code, which is 002520. The FAFSA must be completed each academic year in order to remain eligible for federal student aid.
  • Sign your FAFSA application electronically using your Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID. The U.S. Department of Education recently replaced the federal PIN with a new login system. You will be asked to create a new FSA ID when logging in.

Applying for PLUS Loans

Evaluate your need for additional funding through sources such as a Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan from the Department of Education or alternative loans from various private lenders.

  • Prior to borrowing through the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan Program, or any additional private/alternative loan, you may need to review credit reports for potential issues. Contact any of the following credit bureaus for information: Experian, Equifax or TransUnion.
  • To apply for the Direct Graduate PLUS Loan, complete the credit application PLUS loan request online.

When You Are Admitted

Upon admission to a Washington University in St. Louis program and successful completion of both the federal requirements and the WashULaw Supplemental Form, you will receive an award letter via email from a Washington University financial aid representative.

  • For your loan to be officially disbursed, you must sign your award letter and return it to Allison Roberts, Assistant Director of Distance Education, at allisonr@wustl.edu.
  • After signing your award letter for a Direct Unsubsidized Loan, complete the Entrance Counseling and electronically sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN) online.
  • If approved for the Direct Graduate PLUS Loan, complete a separate MPN for this loan.
  • If declined for the Direct Graduate PLUS Loan, you can reapply with a co-signer (endorser) or appeal the denial through the Department of Education.


Scholarships are available to admitted students. Availability of scholarships as well as amount awarded may vary based on cohort and program of choice. To learn more about available scholarships contact your admissions counselor.

Aid for International Applicants

International candidates should explore funding options in their home countries. While some companies may not advertise that financial support is available, many employers offer tuition benefits, including tuition reimbursement and low-cost loans. Candidates should schedule a conversation with their employer to discuss their professional development goals. Based on each candidate’s country of residence, they may also have access to education loans through private lenders.