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“Surprise: Trump Had Millions in Undisclosed Debt While President, and He Probably Would a Second Time Around Too”

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“Ted Cruz’s Podcast Deal With iHeartMedia May Violate Ethics Laws, Watchdog Says In New Complaint”


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“Free Speech on the Law School Campus: An interview with Dean Russell K. Osgood”

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“Multimillion-dollar gene therapies offer hope and huge cost concerns”

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“Making sense of the migrant flights: What’s true — and not true”

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A Private Policing Company in St. Louis Is Staffed With Top Police Department Officers

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WashU Expert: Jackson water issues result of environmental racism

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“EXPLAINER: Lower prescription prices to take time in new law”

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“How Grand Juries Work and What They’re Doing About Jan. 6”

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“Drug Negotiations Will Drive Biosimilars as Patent Tactics Shift”

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“The Privacy Flaw Threatening US Democracy”

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“Inside the investigation of an officer who killed a teen threatening suicide”

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Fact-Checking Health Claims About the Inflation Reduction Act (Quote)

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JULY 2022

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“Progress In Policing Initiatives Since George Floyd’s Death” (Radio Segment)

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“Gap Between Online and In-Person Learning Narrows” (Quote)

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“A conversation with Wash. U law professor Susan Frelich Appleton on what the end of Roe v. Wade means for Missourians” (Interview)

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“People with chronic illness in US now risk having medication restricted” (Quote)

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“Standing up: Women leaders in St. Louis respond to post-Roe reality” (Quote)

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“Supreme Court makes it clear there’s a red America and a blue America” (Quote)

JUNE 2022

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“Lemonade: A Racial Justice Reframing of The Roberts Court’s Criminal Jurisprudence”

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“Supreme Court backs a high school coach’s right to pray on the 50-yard line” (Quote)

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“‘Frightful in its scope’: New York lawmakers scramble to counteract SCOTUS gun ruling” (Quote)

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“Torture in Our Schools?”

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“GOP-appointed judges less likely to require masks during COVID – study”