WashULaw has four
student-edited journals

Washington University Law Review

The Washington University Law Review is a student-run academic journal that seeks to publish legally related scholarly articles. The Law Review seeks to foster dialogue on interesting legal issues both within the law school and in the broader legal community.

The Law Review was founded in 1915. Originally inaugurated as the St. Louis Law Review, the journal was retitled to the Washington University Law Quarterly in 1936, and further renamed to the Washington University Law Review in 2006. The Washington University Law Review Online was founded in 2017 to supplement the Law Review’s print edition. It features shorter-form pieces analyzing cutting-edge legal issues.

Law Review editors select, edit, and publish notes, articles, and comments on various subjects within legal scholarship. Each piece undergoes a rigorous editing process wherein Law Review editors suggest global changes to substance and form, check text for accuracy and clarity, ensure that propositions have adequate support, and correct citations. The Law Review publishes six issues per year.

Washington University Journal of Law and Policy

The Journal of Law and Policy is committed to generating a symposium-based publication that brings together communities of faculty and student scholars. It emphasizes existing and emerging visions of the law in relation to interdisciplinary and multicultural perspectives, the implications of technology, and the consequences of economic globalization for the purpose of influencing law and social policy. In furtherance of this mission, the Journal of Law and Policy, unlike most law reviews, centers each volume around a pertinent theme or issue.

Washington University Global Studies Law Review

Global Studies Law Review is a student-edited legal journal dedicated to publishing superior works by renowned international, foreign, and comparative law scholars. It presents outstanding articles, book reviews, essays, and notes from prestigious academics, practitioners, and students to expand the global community’s knowledge and understanding of real-world issues. Global Studies Law Review publishes quarterly.

Washington University Jurisprudence Review

Washington University Jurisprudence Review is the only student-edited, in-print journal of jurisprudence in the United States. The Jurisprudence Review promotes academic discussion and scholarship at the nexus of law and legal theory by publishing two issues per year with works that contribute to analytic, normative, and comparative jurisprudence from scholars both within and without the legal academy. We also seek to enrich the law school experience by fostering critical analysis of the suppositions and theories that underpin the law school curriculum.