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Pursuing excellence in legal education since 1867

WashULaw’s advancements in technology, international relations, and diversified coursework have grown over 150 years, but its mission remains the same: to equip students with knowledge and skills to ethically and effectively practice law and pursue justice in a dynamic and globally interconnected legal environment.

Our History

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Meet our WashULaw leaders

The deans at WashULaw are exceptional figures in the legal world whose areas of expertise span a variety of legal areas of interest and practice.

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Fostering an exemplary legal learning environment

WashULaw's faculty, staff, and students exemplify the school’s commitment to excellence in legal education.

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Fostering a diverse & inclusive community

We are devoted to ensuring that WashULaw is a community where everyone is valued and respected.

Diversity & Inclusion

Quick access to our ABA Required Disclosures

The American Bar Association (ABA) requires that all member law schools make available specific reports and information on the law school.

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This advisory board consists of alumni, faculty from peer institutions, benefactors, and business professionals.

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We’re creating a rich learning environment for all.

WashULaw's class of 2020 is comprised of talented and diverse students from across the globe who collectively contribute to our vibrant learning environment.

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