Diversity Resources at WashULaw

WashULaw’s longstanding commitment to cultural and ideological diversity has been central to our proud history of over 150 years. Two years after opening its doors, the law school admitted the first two women in the US to a chartered law school, one of whom became the first US Marshal. The first African American student graduated from the school in 1889 and became one of the first African Americans to argue a case before the Supreme Court. Over the years, we have continued to build on that commitment to diversity.

The academic and personal success of our students is our top priority, and fostering a diverse learning environment is an essential component of our curricular goals. Vital to a successful legal career is the ability to evaluate issues and problems from multiple viewpoints. WashULaw thrives on the shared insights and perspectives of students and faculty with diverse backgrounds, passions, and experiences. Our inclusive environment is critical to developing talented graduates poised for meaningful and impactful legal careers.

WashULaw benefits from a wide variety of student groups, initiatives, organizations, and resources focused on creating a community of diversity and a climate of inclusion. The following is an illustrative list of resources available.

  • LSAC Diversity Resources - LGBTQIA Applicants

    LSAC has materials collected and available on its Diversity in Law School page for LGBTQIA applicants. This page includes a collection of videos featuring applicants and students sharing their experiences:

    • Coming Out on Your Application
    • Choosing an LGBTQIA Friendly Law School
    • Being Out in Law School
    • Being Transgender in Law School
    • Being Out at Work