Tony Balsamo Headshot

Tony Balsamo

Director of Information Services

Darryl Barker Headshot

Darryl Barker

Director, Multimedia Technology

Dorie Bertram Headshot

Dorie Bertram

Director, Public Services/Librarian; Lecturer in Law

Tanya Bishop Headshot

Tanya Bishop

Recruiting Programs and Communications Coordinator

Gail Boker Headshot

Gail Boker

Associate Dean and Chief of Staff

Hyla Bondareff Headshot

Hyla Bondareff

Electronic Resources Librarian; Lecturer in Law

Jane Box Headshot

Jane Box

Faculty Administrative Assistant Coordinator

Lisa Bradley Headshot

Lisa Bradley

Associate Director of Accounting

Carrie Burns Headshot

Carrie Burns

Director of Financial Aid and Student Life

Frederick Chan Headshot

Frederick Chan

Senior Cataloging Librarian

Jennifer Clemons Headshot

Jennifer Clemons

Senior Administrative Assistant

Jeff Coates Headshot

Jeff Coates

Database Administrator/Web Developer

Linda Coffin Headshot

Linda Coffin

Academic Services Specialist

Anna Donovan Headshot

Anna Donovan

Assistant Director of Communications

Andrea Donze Headshot

Andrea Donze

Faculty Administrative Assistant

Lena Fish Headshot

Lena Fish

Stack Maintenance and Updating Assistant

Jennifer French Headshot

Jennifer French

Program Coordinator for Trial & Advocacy and Distance Learning

Mahrya Fulfer Page Headshot

Mahrya Fulfer Page

Associate Director of the Career Center

Joy Gillespie-Johnson Headshot

Joy Gillespie-Johnson

Assistant Director of the Career Center

Amy Gravel Headshot

Amy Gravel

Office of Student Life Coordinator

Angell He Headshot

Angell He

Senior Web Developer, CERL

Jeanne Heil-Chapdelaine Headshot

Jeanne Heil-Chapdelaine

Assistant Dean and Director, Graduate and International Programs

Rachael Johnson Headshot

Rachael Johnson

International and Graduate Program Coordinator

Brian Kelly Headshot

Brian Kelly

Associate Director of Development

Tove Klovning Headshot

Tove Klovning

Foreign, Comparative & International Law Librarian; Lecturer in Law

Emily Kretchmar Headshot

Emily Kretchmar

Assistant Director of Alumni & Constituent Relations

Wei Luo Headshot

Wei Luo

Lecturer in Law; Director, Technical Services/Librarian

Rachel Mance Headshot

Rachel Mance

Faculty Administrative Assistant

Bethel Mandefro Headshot

Bethel Mandefro

Program Coordinator and Office Manager, Harris Institute

Joyce A. McCray Pearson Headshot

Joyce A. McCray Pearson

Associate Dean of the Law Library and Senior Lecturer in Law

Laura McLaughlin Headshot

Laura McLaughlin

Assistant Director of Academic Success and Bar Preparation

Tomea Mersmann Headshot

Tomea Mersmann

Assistant Dean for Graduate Recruiting and Professional Development; Lecturer in Law

Kathie Molyneaux Headshot

Kathie Molyneaux

Interlibrary Loan Assistant, Access Services

Susan Mueller Headshot

Susan Mueller

Manager of Circulation and Public Services

Allison Oberkirsch Headshot

Allison Oberkirsch

Senior Associate Director of Development

Eva Ostrow Headshot

Eva Ostrow

Law School Special Projects

Beverly Owens Headshot

Beverly Owens

Assistant Director, Faculty Support

Tina Parker Headshot

Tina Parker

Clinic Administrative Assistant

LeAndra Parker Headshot

LeAndra Parker

Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Student Life

Julio Perez Headshot

Julio Perez

Academic & Financial Analyst

Stacie Reardon Headshot

Stacie Reardon

Assistant Director of Career Services

Jeff Roberts Headshot

Jeff Roberts

Director of Law Facilities and Building Operations

Jamie Roggen Headshot

Jamie Roggen

International and Graduate Program Coordinator

Katherine Scannell Headshot

Katherine Scannell

Associate Dean for Admissions and Placement

Angela Smith Headshot

Angela Smith

Director of Operations and Diversity

Elizabeth Stookey Headshot

Elizabeth Stookey

Director of Alumni & Constituent Relations

Naomi Stuart Headshot

Naomi Stuart

Project Manager, Admissions & Center for Career Development

Hilary Von Rohr Headshot

Hilary Von Rohr

Lecturer in Law, Director of Congressional and Administrative Law Externship; Assistant Director of Career Center

Elizabeth Walsh Headshot

Elizabeth Walsh

Associate Dean, Student Life

Sanette J. White Headshot

Sanette J. White

Administrator and Office Assistant in the Dean’s Office

Aris Woodham Headshot

Aris Woodham

Director, Web Services; Lecturer in Law