Scott Baker

Vice Dean for Research and Faculty Development and William F. & Jessica L. Kirsch Professor of Law

Gail Boker Headshot

Gail Boker

Associate Dean for Special Events and Programs

Mary Ann Clifford Headshot

Mary Ann Clifford

Assistant Dean, Admissions, Lecturer in Law

Jeanne Heil-Chapdelaine Headshot

Jeanne Heil-Chapdelaine

Assistant Dean and Director, Graduate and International Programs, Lecturer in Law

Sarah Hellin Headshot

Sarah Hellin

Assistant Dean of Academic Services & Registrar

Peter Hook Headshot

Peter Hook

Director and Associate Dean of the Law Library

Michael Koby Headshot

Michael Koby

Professor of Practice, Associate Dean for International and Graduate Programs

Sarah Narkiewicz Headshot

Sarah Narkiewicz

Associate Dean for Clinical Education; Director of Low Income Taxpayer Clinic; Director of Tax LL.M.; Associate Professor of Practice

Russell K. Osgood Headshot

Russell K. Osgood

Dean, Washington University in St. Louis School of Law; Professor of Law

Eva Ostrow Headshot

Eva Ostrow

Senior Associate Dean of Finance

Jeff Roberts Headshot

Jeff Roberts

Assistant Dean & Director of Facilities

Katherine Scannell Headshot

Katherine Scannell

Vice Dean for Institutional Success

Angela Smith Headshot

Angela Smith

Assistant Dean of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Peggie R. Smith Headshot

Peggie R. Smith

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Charles F. Nagel Professor of Employment and Labor Law

Elizabeth Walsh Headshot

Elizabeth Walsh

Associate Dean, Student Life