Faculty and Staff Directory
Peter Hook Headshot

Peter Hook

Director and Associate Dean of the Law Library

Dorie Bertram Headshot

Dorie Bertram

Director Public Services; Lecturer in Law

Hyla Bondareff Headshot

Hyla Bondareff

Director of Faculty And Access Services; Lecturer in Law

TJ Faust Headshot

TJ Faust

Circulation and Public Services Assistant

Tove Klovning Headshot

Tove Klovning

Foreign, Comparative & International Law Librarian; Lecturer in Law

Wei Luo Headshot

Wei Luo

Lecturer in Law; Director, Technical Services/Librarian

Kathie Molyneaux Headshot

Kathie Molyneaux

Interlibrary Loan Assistant, Access Services

Susan Mueller Headshot

Susan Mueller

Manager of Circulation and Public Services

Peter Van Brunt Headshot

Peter Van Brunt

Research and Instruction Librarian & Lecturer in Law

Aris Woodham Headshot

Aris Woodham

Director of Educational Technology, School of Law; Lecturer in Law

Joshua Zink Headshot

Joshua Zink

Resource Description and Technical Services Librarian