Incoming Associate Professor Conor Clarke Authors Op-Eds in The Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic

Incoming associate professor Conor Clarke recently penned a new op-ed in The Atlantic titled “There Is No Constitutional End Run Around the Debt Ceiling.”

“Congress has maintained some form of a debt limit, without constitutional controversy, since the dawn of the republic. According to widely held legal principles, its existence creates no conflict with the Constitution, and the Supreme Court would almost certainly reject any attempt to argue otherwise,” he writes. Read the full op-ed in The Atlantic here.

He also co-wrote “The Phony Debt-Ceiling ‘Calamity’”  in the Wall Street Journal, with Kristin Shapiro.

“Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has started warning of an ‘economic calamity’ if Congress doesn’t raise the statutory debt limit. According to Ms. Yellen, ‘whether it’s defaulting on interest payments that are due on the debt or payments due for Social Security recipients or to Medicare providers, we would simply not have enough cash to meet all of our obligations.’ These claims are dangerously misleading,” they write. Read the full op-ed at the Wall Street Journal here.