International Law Society

Membership in ILS

Any student may join ILS at any time during the year. All we ask is that you pay your dues (see below). ILS is a very active organization, though you may choose to be as active a participant as you like. If you would like more information on ILS, please contact any of the officers.

A Reminder About Dues

All those interested in joining ILS should pay their dues A.S.A.P. so that we can operate effectively as an organization. Dues for the year are $25. Benefits of membership include being able to vote and run for office as well as attending the many events the group puts on. Keep in mind that SBA rules require that in order to claim membership in an organization on your resume and at graduation, you must be a 'dues-paying member.'  

ILS’ Projects and Events

  • Career panels with attorneys & professors focusing on both public & private international law 
  • Panel presentations by students about topics such international internship opportunities 
  • Speakers events on various topics of international law 
  • Language groups for students to practice their foreign language skills
  • LL.M. Mentoring program to help international students adjust to life at WashU 
  • Anything else ILS members wish to pursue