Grade Distributions - Upper Level Courses - Spring 2013

The Registrar's Office posts distributions as quickly as possible, but sometimes there can be a delay as the office must focus on more pressing matters such as processing of grades, bar forms and preparations for the summer semester. Thank you for your patience. -- Office of the Registrar.

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[view] Administrative Law - Levin
[view] Advanced Legal Research - Berwick/Woodham
[view] Advanced Patent Law - Collins
[view] Advanced Trial Advocacy - Curran
[view] Advanced Trial Advocacy - Holtshouser/Sauer
[view] Advanced Trial Advocacy: Civil - Newman/Sarachan
[view] Affordable Housing Law & Transactions - Walsh
[view] American Democracy and the Policy Making Process Seminar - Jackson
[view] American Indian Societies, Cultures and Values - Gunn
[view] American Legal History - Osgood
[view] Appellate Clinic - La Pierre/Gans/Walsh
[view] Arbitration Theory and Practice - Litz
[view] Bankruptcy - Keating
[view] Bioethics and Law - Dresser
[view] Business Acquisitions - Swiecicki
[view] Business Negotiation Theory & Practice - Paese
[view] Business Negotiation Theory & Practice - Shulenburger
[view] Business Planning & Drafting - Bodnar/Brown
[view] Civil Justice Clinic: Juvenile Rights and Reentry Project - Quinn/Pierce
[view] Civil Justice Clinic: Child and Family Defense Project - Appell/Gupta-Kagan
[view] Civil Rights, Community Justice and Mediation Clinic - Tokarz
[view] Commercial Law - Keating
[view] Commerical Real Estate Practice & Drafting - Hein/Miller
[view] Comparative Law - DeGeest
[view] Complex Civil Litigation - Cates
[view] Conflict of Laws - Appleton
[view] Congressional/Administrative Law Externship - Kaplan
[view] Contract Law Theory Seminar - Badawi
[view] Corporate & White Collar Crime (2 Hour) - Demerath/Harlan/O'Malley
[view] Corporate Taxation - Block
[view] Corporations - Burson
[view] Corporations - Sale
[view] Criminal Justice Administration II - Goldwasser
[view] Criminal Justice Clinic - Lollar
[view] Critical Jurisprudence - Flagg
[view] Death Penalty Litigation - Blau/Curran
[view] Deposing the Expert Witness - Heineman
[view] Domestic Violence & the Law - Balsam
[view] Employment Law - Kim
[view] Ethics and Practice Management - Downey/Slavkin
[view] Ethics & Professionalism in the Practice of Law - Pratzel
[view] Evidence - Rosen
[view] Evidence - Burton/Garvey/Sherry
[view] Family Law - Appleton 
[view] Federal Income Taxation - Rosenzweig
[view] Federal Practice: Justiciability Seminar - Flagg
[view] Financial Accounting for Lawyers - Fox
[view] Foreign Relations Law of the United States - Waters
[view] Government Lawyering Externship - Goldwasser
[view] Health Law and Policy Seminar - Sepper
[view] Immigration Law - Meyer
[view] Individual Rights and the Constitution - Dinner
[view] Information Privacy Law - Richards
[view] Intellectual Property and Nonprofit Organizations Legal Clinic - DealRuger
[view] Intellectual Property Licensing & Technology Transfer Planning & Drafting - Fendell
[view] International Business Transactions - Rosenzweig
[view] Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic - Kuehn/Lipeles
[view] International Intellectual Property Law Seminar - McManis/Biggs
[view] International Justice and Conflict Resolution Field Placement -
[view] International Money Laundering, Corruption, and Terrorism - Fagan/Delworth
[view] International Taxation - Rosenzweig
[view] Intimacy, Identity and Law - Davis/Wanzo
[view] Intro to US & Comparative Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes - Larkin
[view] Intro to U.S. Law & Methods II - Greenhaw/Koby
[view] Jurisprudence Seminar - Tamanaha
[view] Labor Law - Crain
[view] Land Use Law - Mandelker
[view] Law and Economics - DeGeest
[view] Law and History Seminar:  Law and Social Movements - Dinner
[view] Law and Philosophy Seminar - Inazu
[view] Lawyer Ethics - Rosen
[view] Legal Ethics in Film - Dorothy
[view] Legal Ethics Seminar - Clark
[view] Legislation - Magarian
[view] Litigating Constitutional Rights - 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 - Herman
[view] Media Litigation - Lipman
[view] Mediation Theory & Practice - Larkin
[view] Mediation Theory & Practice - Reeves
[view] Natural Resources Law - Heisel
[view] Negotiation Theory and Practice - Hollander-Blumoff
[view] Organizational Integrity - Polonsky/Nash
[view] Organizing, Coalition Building, and Lobbying - Shabsin
[view] Pass-Through Business Taxation - Wiedenbeck 
[view] Patent Drafting - Warren/Wheelock/Upchurch
[view] Practical Legal Writing and Analysis for Litigators - Perry
[view] Pretrial Practice & Settlement (sec. 1) - Chestnut
[view] Pretrial Practice & Settlement (sec. 2) - Walsh
[view] Pretrial Practice & Settlement (sec. 3) - King
[view] Pretrial Practice & Settlement (sec. 4) - Cole
[view] Pretrial Practice & Settlement (sec. 5) - Hubertz
[view] Pretrial Practice & Settlement (sec. 6) - Reese
[view] Pretrial Practice: Criminal - Smith
[view] Pretrial Practice: Criminal - Lee
[view] Products Liablity Law - Norwood
[view] Race, Public Education and the Law Seminar - Norwood
[view] Reorganization Seminar - Keating/Schermer/Palans/Going
[view] Remedies - Perry
[view] Respresentation of Non-U.S. Citizens in Immigration Court Proceedings - Gianino/Nolan
[view] Secrecy and Whistleblowing - Clark
[view] Securities Law Litigation & Arbitration - Soraghan
[view] Securities Regulation - Tuch
[view] Sexuality and the Law: Theory and Practice - Lieberman
[view] Speech, Press, & the Constitution - Richards
[view] Supreme Court and Presidential Elections Seminar - Burson
[view] Tax Policy Seminar - Block
[view] Trademark Practice - Chicoine/Clark
[view] Trial Practice & Procedure - Joy
[view] Trusts & Estates - Davis
[view] Trusts & Estates - Maynard
[view] War Crimes Seminar - Sadat