Corporate Judicial Externship

Students enrolled in the Corporate Judicial Externship will work in the office of Justice Randy Holland of the Delaware Supreme Court. Students will be supervised by Justice Holland, who will provide them with contemporaneous feedback on projects and who is an adjunct member of the Washington University Law faculty. Students will draft memoranda, engage in legal research, attend arguments, and complete other tasks as assigned by Justice Holland. The placement will provide students with the opportunity to improve their lawyering skills, including writing and analysis, to increase their knowledge of corporate law and its development, to observe legal arguments, and to develop their professional values and sense of the profession.

Course Information

Students will receive 1 hour of course credit for each 4 hours of work per week in Chambers for no fewer than 13 weeks, up to a maximum of 10 credit hours (40 hours of work per week) for 13 weeks. Students may earn up to a maximum of 12 credits by extending the number of weeks in Chambers and working the requisite number of hours (each additional credit hour requires 52 hours of work). Students will also earn an additional 2 credit hours for the classroom component taught by Justice Holland, which usually will be through attendance, participation, and successful completion of a course taught by Justice Holland at Widener Law School. Grading for the placement and for the classroom component will be Credit/No Credit and will appear on the transcript under one entry, "Corporate Judicial Externship." Students may also complete a Supervised Research project with Professor Sale, or another member of the faculty, for up to an additional three credits. [Note: credits from this course count toward the 19 maximum credits a J.D. student can take in non-law classes and law classes without a classroom component.]  

  • Pre-requisite: Corporations is a pre-requisite for participation in the Corporate Judicial Externship
  • Withdrawal Policy: once a student has been offered and accepted this placement, the student cannot drop.

STUDENTS: Click here to view information about the Corporate Judicial Externship. This handout provides general information that will be helpful for you to know before registering. 

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Updated 5 July 2018