Appellate Clinic

Faculty: Professor Bruce La Pierre 

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Professor Bruce La Pierre with Clinic Students

Students in the Appellate Clinic represent pro se litigants in cases to be heard on appeal in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. After the Clerk of the Court assigns cases at the beginning of the semester, students handle all aspects of the appeal, including motions, filings, and briefs. This clinic calls for extensive research and writing. One student argues each case. Enrollment is limited to 8 students per semester.

Professor Bruce La Pierre, a veteran constitutional law professor and experienced appellate advocate, developed this clinical course.  Brian C. Walsh, a partner at Bryan Cave LLP and an adjunct professor, assists in instructing the clinic students. Michael Gans, JD '77, Clerk of the Court for the court of Appeals, also assists with the course.

Michael Gans
Michael Gans
JD ’77

The Appellate Clinic performs an essential service for the Eighth Circuit by taking on a pro bono basis difficult pro se cases that members of the court’s bar may not be able to accept. Everyone benefits: the court gets well-written and carefully researched briefs, the students get the opportunity to work on actual cases, and the litigants who might otherwise go without counsel receive high-quality representation from highly motivated students working under the guidance and direction of experienced appellate advocates."



STUDENTS: Click here to view information about the Appellate Clinic. This handout provides general information that will be helpful for you to know before registering. 

Clinic Student Argues Before 8th Circuit Panel

February 2010 - Third-year law student Erin Rust recently argued a case in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit on behalf of a client who was raising constitutional issues related to his parole eligibility. [view news release]

Law Student Argues Case Before 8th Circuit Panel

November 2009 - Third-year law student Wade Carr put his advocacy skills to the test as he argued before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit on behalf of a client seeking review of a court martial conviction. [view news release]

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