Client Information - Entrepreneurship & Intellectual Property Clinic


The Entrepreneurship & Intellectual Property (EIP) Clinic endeavors to provide its clients with high-quality legal services that they would find in a private law firm. We abide by appropriate protocol and are bound by the same rules of professional responsibility as a private lawyer, including ensuring confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest, and maintaining records.

~ Rachel Ebling, Co-Founder & Executive Director, The Angel Band Project

Our Services

Our services are free of charge to all qualifying clients. The client, however, is responsible for paying any filing fees, application costs, and other required out-of-pocket costs.We provide:

  • Business Entity Selection and Formation - Assistance with determining appropriate legal structures, such as nonprofits, LLCs, partnerships, and drafting and filing related documents
  • Entity tax structure  - Advice related to appropriate tax structures, returns, and other filings, including (501)(c)(3) applications
  • Business Financing Advice - Assistance with lending agreements, loan terms, and related financing matters
  • Business Transactions - Advice on joint venture agreements, mergers, affiliate programs
  • Contract Review & Drafting - Assistance with vendor contracts, leases, noncompetition and nondisclosure agreements
  • Employment Counseling Advice on employment agreements, employee handbooks
  • Corporate Governance - Determining appropriate organizational structure, board management, operational policies, corporate compliance, board workshops/training
  • Patentability Opinions - A search of relevant prior art and providing an opinion on the scope of patent protection available for the proposed invention
  • Trademark Search - A search of registered trademarks and an opinion on the risk of infringing an existing trademark
  • Trademark Selection - Assistance with development of a strong trademark in association with the client’s goods or services
  • Copyright - An explanation of the scope of protection offered to protected works and guidance on the appropriate use of various copyright protected materials


Nonprofit Organizations 

  • Clients vary in size and type ranging from small, new nonprofits to large, well-known nonprofits with established operations and donor base.
  • In order to qualify to be an EIP Clinic client, nonprofit entities generally must be organized for a charitable purpose and have at least a minimum of three board members.
  • Services range from entity formation; application for tax-exempt status; establishment of required compliance; intellectual property matters, such as trademark or copyright protections; and drafting and review of various transactional agreements.

For-Profit Entities 

  • The EIP Clinic also represents for-profit organizations, including small start-ups, entrepreneurial entities, and social enterprise organizations.
  • In order to qualify to be an EIP Clinic client, for-profit entities must be one of the following:
    1. An entity or group that arises or develops from or is connected with a school or program within Washington University.
    2. A start-up or entrepreneurial for-profit within the community with less than $50,000 in annual gross revenue.
    3. A for-profit entity or one with more than $50,000 but less than $150,000 in annual gross revenue that provides a charitable service, benefits the community in which it exists, or is a social enterprise organization.
  • Services range from entity formation; corporate governance; legal compliance; intellectual property matters, such as patent review, trademark or copyright protections; and drafting and review of various transactional agreements.

Becoming a Client

Please call, 314-935-7238 or by email,, if you are interested in becoming a client of the EIP Clinic. 

We will let you know whether you qualify as a client of the EIP Clinic.  If you do qualify, we will contact you to send an engagement letter outlining our relationship and to set a time for an initial meeting. Please note, due to our academic semester based calendar, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to serve all clinic requests at the time requested.

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