WashULaw Professors Cited in Recent High-Profile U.S. Supreme Court Opinions

The U.S. Supreme Court referenced the academic work of Professors Travis Crum and Joel Seligman in opinions in two major cases this term.

The court cited Professor Travis Crum’s paper “Reconstructing Racially Polarized Voting,” published in the Duke Law Journal in 2020, in the case Allen v. Milligan. With a narrow margin, the court ruled that new redistricting maps in Alabama diluted the vote of Black voters and therefore violated the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Read the full court opinion here.

The court also cited Professor Seligman’s treatise on securities regulation, co-authored with Louis Loss and Troy A. Paredes, in Slack Technologies LLC v. Pirani. Decided on June 8, the court unanimously voted in favor of Slack, a messaging app for businesses. Read the full court opinion here.