Professor Neil Richards Awarded 2022 Palmer Prize for His Book “Why Privacy Matters”

Professor Neil Richards was announced the winner of the 2022 Palmer Civil Liberties Prize for his book, “Why Privacy Matters,” given by the Chicago-Kent College of Law to “honor a work of scholarship exploring the tension between civil liberties and national security in contemporary American society.” He also gave a guest lecture at Chicago-Kent on April 12. 

“The book is intended to make the case for the continued importance of privacy on the occasion of its supposed death,” he says in an interview on Chicago-Kent’s news page. Read in full here.

Professor Richards has given talks and lectures at universities and organizations about “Why Privacy Matters” all over the world, in person and virtually. A partial list of recent lecture locations includes: the University of Oxford, Yale University, the London School of Economics, the University of Brussels, the University of Virginia, the University of California, Los Angeles, Duke University, Fordham University, Monash University, Xi’ang Jangtong University in China, Radboud University in The Netherlands, Tillburg University in The Netherlands, Universidad de San Andres in Argentina, the University of Graz in Austria, the University of Georgia, Saint Louis University, the University of Maine, and Washington University in St. Louis.

Congratulations, Professor Richards!