Professor Benjamin Levin Joins WashULaw Faculty

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Benjamin Levin, Professor of Law, beginning fall 2023. Joining us from the University of Colorado Law School, he studies criminal law and policy with a special emphasis on criminal justice reform movements. Professor Levin’s articles have been published or are forthcoming in the Virginia Law Review, the Columbia Law Review, the Harvard Journal on Legislation, the Michigan Law Review, the Minnesota Law Review, and more.

“Professor Levin has not been afraid to challenge both sides of the debate in the field of criminal law,” says Russell K. Osgood, dean of the Law School. “We are very pleased to have him on our faculty.”

Professor Benjamin Levin

“Professor Levin has already become a leading voice in his field, though still an early-career academic. I look forward to him joining our faculty, and his continued influence on criminal law debates,” says Professor Daniel Epps, chair of the Faculty Appointments Committee.

“I look forward to joining WashULaw’s vibrant scholarly community and having the opportunity to work with such impressive students. I am also particularly excited about working with WashULaw’s strong and growing criminal law faculty,” says Professor Levin.

Prior to the University of Colorado, he served as a Climenko Fellow and Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School. He also worked in private practice at the civil rights firm Neufeld Scheck and Brustin, LLP, where he worked on police and prosecutorial misconduct cases. Professor Levin graduated from Yale University with a BA in 2007 and earned his JD degree from Harvard Law School in 2011.