Student Exchange and Study Abroad

Study Abroad

The practice of law is increasingly global in nature. Washington University School of Law offers a variety of study-abroad options for students, designed to prepare them for practice in an international and transnational legal market. Each of our partner schools has been selected on the basis of its strong international academic and professional reputation, its commitment to a high quality study-abroad experience, and its location. The educational objectives of each program are to provide the student with the opportunity to learn and understand foreign legal systems and culture, as well as to provide students with comparative and international course work that complements the courses available at Washington University. Washington University works closely with our foreign law school partners to ensure the highest quality of courses and learning opportunities for each student.

Law students have four different avenues to study abroad for credit: semester exchange programsad hoc semesters abroad; and other schools' summer study-abroad opportunities.  Students interested in any of these programs should either contact Associate Dean for International and Graduate Programs, Mike Koby ( or Peter Cramer (, Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs.

The application process is relatively straightforward.  Simply complete the Study Abroad Application (click here to download the application) or you may contact Rachael Johnson, via electronic mail: to receive a copy of the application.  You will need to return the application to Rachael Johnson no later than February 19, 2016.  Click here to find the recent presentation regarding study abroad programs. You can find the video recording of the most recent study abroad informational meeting here.

Incoming exchange students can complete the Application for Enrollment under Student Exchange Program (click here to download the application or contact Rachael Johnson for a copy) and then return the application to Rachael Johnson no later than April 1.

Semester Exchange Programs 

The law school has one-for-one exchange agreements with fourteen law schools:

Each of these programs offers courses in English with the exception of L’Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne (See program description for details).  Under these exchange programs, a student pays Washington University tuition and attends the foreign law school for the semester.  Participants are still responsible for their own living expenses.  The application deadline for semester exchange programs is in February.  For more information about the participating schools, click here.

Ad Hoc Study Abroad 

Students may also study abroad at a school with whom the law school does not have an exchange agreement.  Many foreign law schools have a "visiting foreign student" status, whereby students may attend classes at a lower tuition rate.  Law school students have taken advantage of these programs to spend a semester at schools in the United Kingdom, Korea, Japan and China.

Students who study abroad on an ad hoc basis must be accepted for enrollment both by Washington University School of Law and the host law school.  Such students must pay ordinary Washington University tuition as well as the host school's visiting foreign student tuition.  They are also responsible for living expenses.  Since the student is crafting his or her own program, preparations are often labor-intensive.  As such, interested students should contact the Assistant Dean for International Programs as soon as possible in order to begin identifying and applying for suitable programs.

Other ABA-Approved Summer Programs 

A small number of summer study abroad programs have been approved by the American Bar Association.  Law students may enroll in these programs with the approval of the faculty.  A list of ABA-approved programs is available from the ABA's website here.

Students who participate in these programs must be admitted to the program by the hosting school, must receive permission from the WU Law faculty, and must pay all related fees themselves.  To begin the process, contact the Associate Dean for International and Graduate Programs, Mike Koby,

Transnational Law Program (TLP)

In 2008, Washington University School of Law launched the Transnational Law Program (TLP), a first-of-its-kind offering for students in both the United States and Europe. This four-year combined degree program expands upon the law school’s long-standing partnership with Utrecht University in The Netherlands and includes three other leading European law faculty: Queen’s University Belfast, University of Trento in Italy, and Catholic University of Portugal.

The TLP allows U.S. students to study at both Washington University School of Law and at one of the four partner universities. Students spend five semesters in St. Louis acquiring a solid foundation in U.S. law with an emphasis on international and transnational law from an American perspective before undertaking three semesters abroad acquiring an appreciation for European law and enhancing their understanding of international and transnational law. Upon completion, U.S. graduates earn a J.D. from Washington University and an LL.M. from one of the European partner schools. European participants pursue a complementary course of study; after earning their degree from their home European university, they enter the LL.M. Program at Washington University. 

Through this international and inter-university effort, the TLP seeks to identify and educate the first generation of truly transnational lawyers and professionals. 

For more information contact: Professor of Practice, Associate Dean for International and Graduate Programs, Mike Koby,