Tove Klovning

Lecturer in Law; Foreign, Comparative, & International Law Librarian


M.S. 2002, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
LL.M. 2001,University of Illinois College of Law, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Post Specialization in American Law 1999, University of Bergen College of Law, Norway
Cand. Jur. 1997 (J.D.), University of Bergen College of Law, Norway 

Phone / Email

Phone: (314) 935-6443
Email: tklovni@wustl.edu 


Anheuser-Busch Hall, Room 455K

Courses Taught

Legal Research Methodologies I & II


Tove Klovning oversees foreign, comparative, and international law services at the law library and teaches Legal Research Methodologies I & II. She often guest lecturers on legal research methodology strategies in seminar classes and assists researchers with legal research questions relating to foreign law, comparative law, and international law, as well as questions related to the American legal system. She has written several research guides on American, international, and foreign legal issues. Klovning has taught in the Global Legal Studies Master Program at the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa in Lisbon, Portugal, and has been a speaker at both U.S. and international conferences. Before joining the law school, Klovning worked at the Albert Jenner, Jr. Law Library of the University of Illinois, assisted as a Visiting Research Scholar in the Ombudsman Office at Southern Illinois University, Illinois, was a law clerk intern for the Bergen Circuit Court in Norway, and a legal caseworker in Bergen, Norway. Klovning  has resided in various countries across Asia and is multilingual. She is an associate member of the American Bar Association.

Representative Publications & Activities

Select Recent Web Research Guides/Book Chapter

Co-Authored Research Guides: 

  • Mark Kloempken & Tove Klovning: Updating Federal Regulations via GOPs Federal Digital System FDsys, (2012)
    [PDF or PowerPoint]
  • Mark Kloempken & Tove Klovning: Are You Seeking Docket Information on a Specific Case? (2012) [PDF or PowerPoint]

Research Guides Authored by Tove Klovning: 

  • "War Crime Tribunal Seminar - Legal Research Strategies" (2013) [PDF or PowerPoint]
  • "Legal Research on a Budget? A CLE for the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis." (2011) [Powerpoint]
  • "American Legislative History Research Options Spring 2010," Washington Unversity School of Law (2004, updated 2010)
    [PDF or PowerPoint]
  • "Comparative Constitutional Law - a Legal Research Guide for the Novice and Experienced Legal Researcher," Washington University School of Law (2010) [PDF or PowerPoint
  • "Foreign Legal Research Survival Skills for Global Law Review Students," Washington University School of Law (2010)
    [PDF or PowerPoint]
  • "Patent Law Research Guide," Washington University School of Law (2010) [PDF or PowerPoint
  • "Research Survival Skills in an American Law Library for Visiting Scholars Seeking Secondary Sources," Washington University School of Law (2010) [PDF or PowerPoint
  • "International Legal Process: War Crimes Tribunals Research Techniques," Washington University School of Law (2009)
    [PDF or PowerPoint]
  • "Researching International Legal Issues – Research Guide," Washington University School of Law (2009) [PDF or PowerPoint
  • "Researching the Law of a Foreign Country - Online Resources," Washington University School of Law (2008) [PDF or PowerPoint]
  • A contributor to the American Association of Law LIbraries' Foreign, Comparative & International Special Interest Section Syllabi and Course Materials Database (2004-current)

Book Chapter:

  • Tove Klovning and Olga Łachacz, System Parków Narodowych w Stanach Zjednoczonych na tle Rozwoju Międzynarodowego Prawa Ochrony środowiska, in NIELEGALNA EKSPLOATACJA OBSZARÓW LEŚNYCH, 36 - 46 (W. Pływaczewski, M. Duda, red., Olsztyn, Poland 2013).  The editor's translation of the title: Tove Klovning and Olga Lachacz , System of National Parks in the United States within the Legal Framework of International Laws , in I LLEGAL EXPLOITATION OF FOREST AREAS 36 - 46 (W. Pływaczewski, M. Duda et al ed., Olsztyn, Poland 2013)  

Speaker Activities and Conference Activities

  • Speaker, The Internet as a Legal Research Tool (Washington University Libraries Annual Instructional Week (August 2014).
  • Speaker, Managing your stuff in the Humanities with Zotero, Evernote, and File and Data Management Skills (Washington University Libraries Research Studios for Advanced WU Graduate Students in the Humanities (August 2014).
  • Speaker, Legislative History Research in A Nutshell, Missouri Federal Depository Annual Conference and Webinar (August 2014).
  • Speaker, Cool and Useful Foreign Law Legal Research Tools, at the 2014 Global Legal Skills Conference in Verona, Italy.
  • CLE speaker, The Latest on Internet-Based Legal Research & Crowdsourced Legal Platforms, The Bar Association of Metropolitian St. Louis, (March 27, 2014).
  • Speaker in WU Professor Brancati’s Political Science 495 class Cynthia Hudson, Barbara Rehkop, Research Survival 101:Finding Data (March 2013).
  • Speaker, No Access to Commercial Legal Databases? Do Not Worry; You Can Still Assist Non-Lawyers, Missouri FDLP Annual Conference (2013). 
  • Speaker, Legal Research on a Tight Budget?, The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (BAMSL 2011).
  • Speaker, Researching Federal Administrative Regulations, Regional Federal Depository Librarian Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri,  (April 2009)
  • Speaker, Researching USA Supreme Court Opinions, Regional Federal Depository Librarian Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri (June 2009)
  • Speaker, To Be or not to Be - Ways of Becoming an Electronic Federal Depository Library, Annual Mid-West Library Association Meeting, St. Louis, Missouri (October 2008).
  • Speaker, Why Remain a Depository Library when everything is on the Web Anyway?, Regional Federal Depository Librarian Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri (April 2007).

Discussant and Note Taker, Moderator and Course Material Contributor

  • Discussant and Note taker, What Steps have Libraries or Libraries’ Departments taken to cope with budget cuts or poor financial conditions? American Association of Law Libraries’ Annual Conference, Denver CO. Awarded AALL’s Legal Information Services to the Public Special Interest Section Kathy Garner Travel Grant (2010). 
  • Moderator, Federal Depository Issues in the Electronic Era , Regional Federal Depository Librarian meeting  in St. Louis, Missouri (August 2008).
  • Moderator, Best Practices in Teaching Legal Research. The Benefits and Risks of Internet in Legal Education Global Legal Skills Conference III - Session 5 C, Monterrey, Mexico (Spring 2008).

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