Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Clinic

Faculty:    Professors David Deal and Geetha Rao Sant 
Founder:  Professor Charles McManis 

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Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Clinic

THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CLINIC presents law students with unique opportunities to address transactional matters and provide advice to clients on a full spectrum of intellectual property and nonprofit law issues.  Students address a wide range of patent, copyright, trademark, and general corporate, governance, and transactional matters.  Clients range from small startup entities to community and educational groups to international organizations.  Professors David Deal and Geetha Sant co-direct this Clinic.

Students in the Clinic collaborate in interdisciplinary experiential learning activities with students from the School of Medicine, Olin Business School, and the George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Arts & Sciences to provide legal services to clients who might otherwise not have access to competent legal counsel.

The Clinic’s activities are devoted to four program areas, each of which involves teams of students, who:

  • Participate in interdisciplinary innovation and entrepreneurship courses, such as the Olin Business School’s Hatchery course;
  • Integrate practicum students from Brown School to provide nonprofit clients with strategic and operational planning and services.
  • Work with St. Louis-area IP attorneys to provide early stage legal advice to other innovators and entrepreneurs, especially with business incubators in the St. Louis area;
  • Assist nonprofit organizations with entity formation, obtaining tax-exemption status, establish governance protocol, and other matters in the course of representation, including real estate, employment, educational, religious, and tax matters. 
  • Coordinate with community organizations to provide educational and governance training to nonprofits, nonprofit boards, and potential nonprofit donors.

Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Clinic students and faculty recently:

  • Conducted a patent search and drafted an opinion on the scope of patent protection available for a client's new consumer product.
  • Explained to a client how the name of its new business created potential liability for trademark infringement of an existing registered mark and then worked with the client to rebrand the business with the strongest possible trademark.
  • Developed a comprehensive copyright policy for a client that uses music to promote healing, raise awareness, and create positive social change for survivors of sexual violence.
  • Worked with parents and a charter school to establish a foundation to cover expenses not covered by direct funding sources.
  • Assisted community activity groups manage EPA requirements.
  • Coordinated a joint venture between two clients in growing and distributing organic, locally grown produce to underserved communities and schools.

STUDENTS: Click here to view information about the Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Clinic. This handout provides general information that will be helpful for you to know before registering.

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For more information or questions about the Clinic, contact David Deal, Co-Director, by email at drdeal@wulaw.wustl.edu or by telephone at (314) 935-7960; or Geetha Sant, Co-Director, by email at grsant@wulaw.wustl.edu or by telephone at (314) 935-8815.