The Law School has compiled the following list of upper-level courses currently or recently offered to guide students interested in negotiation and dispute resolution (NDR). The Law School offers the listed courses regularly, but some are not available every year. For guidance about which courses might best fit your particular needs, please consult Professors Karen Tokarz, Professor Jim Reeves, or Dean Tomea Mersmann.

        • Arbitration Theory & Practice
        • Business Planning & Drafting: The Deal
        • Advanced Negotiation Theory & Practice
        • Business Lawyering: Listening, Writing, Negotiating
        • Business Negotiation Theory & Practice*
        • Business Planning & Drafting & Dispute Resolution: Fundamentals of M&A Transaction Practice
        • Civil Rights, Community Justice & Mediation Clinic*
        • Comparative Business Negotiation
        • Contract Management & Negotiation Across the Americas
        • Cross-Cultural Dispute Resolution
        • Game Theory & the Law Seminar
        • Intellectual Property Litigation & Dispute Resolution
        • International Business Transactions
        • International Commercial Arbitration
        • International Commercial Dispute Resolution
        • International Justice & Conflict Resolution Externship*
        • Law & Psychology
        • Nonprofit Planning, Drafting & Negotiation
        • Investor-State Arbitration
        • Mediation Theory & Practice*
        • Multi-Party/Public Policy Dispute Resolution Theory & Practice*
        • Organizing, Coalition Building & Lobbying (Brown School of Social Work)
        • Pretrial Practice & Settlement*
        • Real Estate Practice, Negotiation & Drafting
        • Real Estate Transactions
        • Securities Law: Litigation & Arbitration
        • Landlord / Tenant Law, Policy & Mediation*

** Negotiation is a prerequisite for this course

Clinics & Externships

The Law School offers the following Clinic and Externship related to NDR for JD students: the Civil Rights, Community Justice & Mediation Clinic and the International Justice & Conflict Resolution Externship.

Certificate Programs, Joint Degrees & LLM Programs

JD students interested in this area of the law may wish to apply for:

LLM students enrolled in the LLM for International Lawyers or LLM in IP and Technology Law may wish to pursue an LLM with Certificate in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution.

Other Opportunities

The Law School offers students interested in NDR a range of extra- and co-curricular opportunities including dispute resolution competitions. JD students may also pursue summer internships with agencies and courts overseas through the Global Public Interest Law Initiative, as well as participate in a variety of conferences, lectures, and roundtables related to NDR.

The following full-time faculty teach in the area of Negotiation & Dispute Resolution.

Faculty and Staff Directory
Scott Baker Headshot

Scott Baker

Vice Dean for Research and Faculty Development and William F. & Jessica L. Kirsch Professor of Law

Leila Nadya Sadat Headshot

Leila Nadya Sadat

James Carr Professor of International Criminal Law; Special Adviser on Crimes Against Humanity to the ICC Prosecutor

Ann Davis Shields Headshot

Ann Davis Shields

Professor of Practice and Director of Pretrial Program

Karen Tokarz Headshot

Karen Tokarz

Charles Nagel Professor of Public Interest Law & Policy; Professor of African & African-American Studies (courtesy appointment); Director, Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Program; and Director, Civil Rights, Community Development & Mediation Clinic