The Law school has compiled the following list of upper-level courses currently or recently offered to guide students interested in government and administrative law. Related clinics and/or externships are marked with an asterisk and grouped separately at the end of the list. The Law School offers the listed courses regularly, but some are not available every year. For guidance about which courses might best fit your particular needs, please consult the faculty members listed below.

  • Administrative Law
  • Organizing, Coalition-Building & Lobbying
  • Congressional & Administrative Law Clinic*
  • Election Law
  • Government Lawyering Externship*
  • Interaction of Government, Business & Public Policy in a Democratic Society
  • Legislation
  • New York Regulatory & Business Externship*
  • State & Local Government Law

Clinics & Externships

The Law School offers the following externships related to government and administrative law: Congressional & Administrative Law Externship; Government Lawyering Externship; and the New York Regulatory & Business Externship.

The following full-time faculty teach in the area of government and administrative law.

Faculty and Staff Directory
Travis Crum Headshot

Travis Crum

Associate Professor of Law

Gregory P. Magarian Headshot

Gregory P. Magarian

Thomas and Karole Green Professor of Law

Ronald (Ron) Levin Headshot

Ronald (Ron) Levin

William R. Orthwein Distinguished Professor of Law

Jonathan Smith Headshot

Jonathan Smith

Associate Professor of Practice; Director of the Entrepreneurship Clinic