WashU Law Review Hosts Criminal Justice Minimalism Symposium

Scholars recently gathered for the Criminal Justice Minimalism Symposium hosted by The Washington University Law Review. Dean Russell K. Osgood and Professor Trevor Gardner shared opening remarks, in addition to a welcome from the WashU Law Review staff.

The group gathered for presentations and panel discussions of papers on:

  • A Minimalist Alternative? Foundations and Challenges, moderated by Chad Flanders of Saint Louis University.
  • Guideposts for a Minimalist Agenda, moderated by Trevor Gardner of WashULaw.
  • Criminal Justice Minimalism Applied, moderated by Sheldon Evans of WashULaw.



The keynote address was delivered by Maximo Langer of UCLA with commentary by Professor Ben Levin of WashULaw.

Congratulations to the Washington University Law Review on a successful symposium with robust discourse, and thank you to the participants:
Vincent Chiao (University of Toronto)
Sheldon Evans (Washington University)
Chad Flanders (Saint Louis University)
Trevor Gardner (Washington University)
Aliza Hochman Bloom (Northeastern University)
Daniel Harawa (New York University)
Steven Koh (Boston University)
Maximo Langer (UCLA)
Ben Levin (Washington University)
Guy Rubinstein (Harvard University)
Yoav Sapir (Tel Aviv University)
Chris Slobogin (Vanderbilt University)
Will Thomas (University of Michigan)
Kate Weisburd (George Washington University)


Criminal Justice Minimalism Symposium participants with WashU Law Review Journal Members.









Criminal Justice Minimalism Symposium participants pictured with WashU Law Review students.