Remarkable Law Faculty Authorship in 2023

From securities law to civil rights, WashULaw faculty were responsible for authoring and contributing to a diverse array of books in 2023.

“The Oxford Handbook of Feminism and Law in the United States”
Susan Frelich Appleton contributed the chapter “Sex-Positive Feminism’s Values in Search of the Law of Pleasure”.

“Abusive Constitutionalism in Europe”
Lech Garlicki contributed the chapter “Constitutional Courts in the Abusive Constitutionalism”.

“Constitutionality of Law without a Constitutional Court, A View from Europe”
Lech Garlicki contributed the chapter “Constitutional Review in the Abusive Constitutionalism (Continuation, Corruption, or Disappearance?)”.

“Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law”
Michael Green authored content about the American Law Institute.

“Products Liability, Cases and Materials”
Michael Green coauthored this sixth edition.

“Professional Responsibility: A Contemporary Approach”
Peter Joy coauthored this fifth edition.

“Sales: A Systems Approach”
Daniel Keating authored this eighth-edition textbook.

“Chinese Law and Legal Research”
Wei Luo authored this second edition.

“First Amendment Law Handbook 2023”
Greg Magarian contributed the chapter “Centered Noncitizens’ Free Speech”.

“The Legal and Social Ramifications of Pandemics on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties”
Kimberly Norwood contributed the chapter “How the Pandemic Further Derailed Historically Disadvantaged Public-School Students”.

“COVID-19 and the Law”
Rachel Sachs contributed the chapter “Innovation Law and COVID-19: Promoting Incentives and Access for New Health Care Technologies”.

“The International Criminal Court in Its Third Decade”
Leila Sadat contributed the chapter “The International Criminal Court of the Future”.

“Securities Law Review”
Joel Seligman and Andrew Tuch contributed the article “The Further Erosion of Investor Protection: Expanding Exemptions, SPAC Mergers, and Direct Listings”.