Professor MJ Durkee Presents at United States Air Force Academy

Professor MJ Durkee presented “Space Law as Twenty-First Century International Law,” at the United States Air Force Academy, in a Space Law Lecture Series organized by their Law, Technology, and Warfare Research Cell. Watch Professor Durkee’s presentation here.

Professor Durkee investigates the public-private interactions that produce and interpret international legal norms and considers how legal and institutional design choices affect processes of international cooperation. Cambridge University Press published her most recent volume, “States, Firms, And Their Legal Fictions”. Other recent scholarship includes “The Ambivalent Logics of Business Representation in International Organizations”.

The Law, Technology, and Warfare Research Cell (LTWRC) is an organization based out of the Department of Law at the US Air Force Academy devoted to researching new technologies and their legal application in warfare, ensuring the United States continues its technological advantage in an ever-changing battlespace.