The William Catron Jones Lecture Series honors the work and memory of the late Professor William C. Jones who was an internationally acclaimed scholar of Chinese law. For more than 35 years, Professor Jones worked in the area of Chinese and comparative law, making numerous contributions to Chinese legal studies in the United States. He translated the last major imperial Chinese legal code – The Great Qing Code – and the first precursor of the civil code of the People’s Republic of China – the General Principles of the Civil Law.

Professor Jones, the Charles F. Nagel Professor Emeritus of International and Comparative Law, joined Washington University School of Law in 1955. During his years of service, he served as a lecturer for the International Association for Teaching Comparative Law, a visiting scholar at various universities around the world, and a Fulbright Lecturer at Wuhan University. To commemorate the inter-disciplinary nature of his work, the William C. Jones Lecture Series is jointly sponsored by the Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute at the Washington University School of Law and the Program in East Asian Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences.

威廉 卡特隆 琼斯系列讲座

威廉 卡特隆 琼斯系列讲座旨在纪念已故的威廉 卡特隆 琼斯教授及其学术研究。琼斯教授是国际知名的中国法学者。他致力于中国法和比较法的研究长达四十余年,对美国的中国法研究领域作出了突出贡献。琼斯教授曾翻译了中国封建王朝的最后一部法典《大清律例》,该法典是《中国人民共和国民法通则》的最早法律渊源。

威廉 卡特隆 琼斯,“查尔斯 F. 纳格尔”国际法与比较法荣誉教授,自1955起执教于华盛顿大学法学院。其间,他曾在国际比较法协会就职、在世界多所大学访学,并作为福布赖特学者在武汉大学做学术演讲。为了纪念其跨学科的研究成果,华盛顿大学法学院“惠特尼 R. 哈尼斯”国际法协会和文理学院东亚研究中心特联合赞助了此威廉 卡特隆 琼斯系列讲座。


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A Conversation with William C. Jones