Susan Appleton | Lemma Barkeloo & Phoebe Couzins Professor of Law;
Adam Liptak | Journalist, New York Times;
Greg Magarian | Thomas and Karole Green Professor of Law

“Constitution Day: 2019-20 Supreme Court Review”

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Travis Crum | Professor WashULaw;
Gilda Daniels | Professor Baltimore School of Law;
Elizabeth Katz | Professor WashULaw

“Race, Sex, and Voting Rights: Past, Present, and Future”

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Richard Lazarus | Howard & Katherine Aibel Professor of Law, Harvard Law School;
Maxine Lipeles | Founder and Former Director, Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic, WashULaw

“Rule of Five: Making Climate History at the Supreme Court”

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Michele Bratcher Goodwin | Chancellor’s Professor, UC Irvine School of Law;
Mary Ziegler | Stearns Weaver Miller Professor, Florida State College of Law;
Susan Appleton |Lemma Barkeloo & Phoebe Couzins Professor, WashULaw (moderator)

“Policing the Womb: The Law and Politics of Abortion and Reproductive Justice“

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Daniel Harawa | Assistant Professor of Practice and Director, Appellate Clinic, WashULaw;
Peter Joy | Henry Hitchcock Professor of Law and Director, Criminal Justice Clinic, WashULaw; and
Kim Gardner | Circuit Attorney, City of St. Louis;

Peggie Smith | Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Nagel Professor of Employment and Labor Law, WashULaw, moderator

“The Death of Breonna Taylor“

Leila Sadat | James Carr Professor of International Criminal Law;
Judit Rius Sanjuan | JD, United Nations Development Programme

“Using Law to Enhance Innovation and Global Access to Medicines, Vaccines, and Health Technologies“

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Professor Steven S. Smith | Former Director, Weidenbaum Center, Kate M. Gregg Distinguished Professor of Social Science Faculty Research Fellow, Weidenbaum Center

“The 2020 Elections and the Next Turn in American Governance”

Professor Patricia Viseur Sellers | London School of Economics

“Peace as the Deal-Breaker”

Spring 2021

Greg Magarian | Thomas & Karole Greene Professor, WashULaw

Karen Tokarz | Charles Nagel Professor of Public Interest Law & Policy, WashULaw (moderator)

“The First Amendment and the Mess We’re In: From the Streets to the Cloud”

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Judge Robert L. Wilkins | U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit

Adrienne Davis | William M. Van Cleve Professor, WashULaw (moderator)

“My Family’s Journey From Slave to Citizen”

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Chiara Giorgetti | Professor, Richmond School of Law
Frederick G. Sourgens | Professor, Washburn University School of Law (moderator)

“New Directions in International Arbitration & Mediation in 2021” – Day 1

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M. Imad Khan | Winston & Strawn, LLC (moderator)

“Unfogging the Future of US Arbitration Law.” – Day 2

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Glenn Hubbard | Professor, Columbia University

“After the Election: Recovery, Reform, and Renewal”

Abbe Smith | Professor, Georgetown Law

Daniel Harawa | Assoc. Professor of Law, WashULaw (moderator)

A Conversation with Abbe Smith, author of “Guilty People”

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Olympia Bekou | Professor and Head of School, University of Nottingham

Leila Sadat | James Carr Professor, WashULaw (moderator)

“Visions of Justice: Overcoming Barriers to Justice and Achieving Accountability in Liberia”

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Susan Stokes | Professor, University of Chicago

“Is ‘Direct Democracy’ Good for Democracy? The Logics(s) of Referendums”

Matthew Bodie | Professor,  St. Louis University School of Law

Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff | Professor, WashULaw

“The Market as Negotiation: How Negotiation Shapes Legal and Economic Outcomes and How the Law Responds.”

Severine Autesserre | Professor of Political Science, Barnard College

“The Frontlines of Peace: An Insider’s Guide to Changing the World”