The Law School has compiled the following list of upper-level courses currently or recently offered to guide students interested in the area of social justice and legal theory. The Law School offers the listed courses regularly, but some are not available every year. For guidance about which courses might best fit your particular needs, please consult the faculty members listed below.

  • American Indian Law
  • Feminist Theory, Feminist Judgments
  • Implicit Bias, Law & the Legal Profession Seminar
  • Jurisprudence Seminar
  • Law & Economics
  • Law & Psychology
  • Law & Religion
  • Public Law Theory Seminar
  • Regulating Sex: Historical & Cultural Encounters
  • Societies, Cultures & Values
  • Slavery & the Law
  • Topics in Law and Economics

Other Opportunities

Students interested in law, philosophy, and society are encouraged to participate in the write-on competition for the Washington University Jurisprudence Review.

The following full-time faculty teach in the area of social justice and legal theory.

Faculty and Staff Directory
Susan Frelich Appleton Headshot

Susan Frelich Appleton

Lemma Barkeloo & Phoebe Couzins Professor of Law

Scott Baker Headshot

Scott Baker

Vice Dean for Research and Faculty Development and William F. & Jessica L. Kirsch Professor of Law

Adrienne Davis Headshot

Adrienne Davis

William M. Van Cleve Professor of Law; Director of the University's Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Equity; and Founder & Co-director of the Law & Culture Initiative; Professor of Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Olin Business School

Daniel Epps Headshot

Daniel Epps

Treiman Professor of Law

Gerrit De Geest Headshot

Gerrit De Geest

Charles F. Nagel Professor of International and Comparative Law

John Inazu Headshot

John Inazu

Sally D. Danforth Distinguished Professor of Law & Religion and Professor of Political Science (by courtesy)

Kimberly Norwood Headshot

Kimberly Norwood

Henry H. Oberschelp Professor of Law

Brian Z. Tamanaha Headshot

Brian Z. Tamanaha

John S. Lehmann University Professor