WashULaw offers international lawyers the opportunity to select a graduate program that best fits their particular academic and professional goals. Students can pursue a two-year LLM with a focus on legal English, described below. Students can also pursue a general LLM degree designed for international lawyers, an LLM in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, a two-year LLM with a focus on legal English, or the Juridicae Scientiae Doctor(JSD) degree.

The Two-Year LLM for Foreign Lawyers is designed for law students with outstanding academic and professional achievements who have not yet reached a sufficient level of English language proficiency to get the full benefits of studying at an American law school. Students admitted to the Two-Year LLM will start their program with a 6-week summer pre-LLM intensive Legal English program through the English Language Programs (ELP) on campus. For five hours a day, students will learn from texts specifically designed for learners of Legal English. At the completion of this 6-week program, students will join the incoming 1-year LLM students.

In the first year of theTwo-Year LLM, students will take Introduction to U.S. Law & Methods I, the first course in a two-course sequence specifically designed for foreign-trained lawyers. Two-Year LL.M students will take this course alongside 1-Year LLM students in an integrated class setting. Two-Year LLM students will also take two more substantive law classes, one in each semester. These courses will also occur in an integrated setting that will include 1-Year LLM students as well as US JD students.

During the first year, students will also take two Legal English classes, Intensive Reading and Writing and Intensive Listening and Speaking. These two courses, which will meet five-hours weekly during the duration of the first year, will prepare Two-Year LLM students both for the assignments of their substantive law classes as well as for the linguistic and academic demands of an LLM program.

Two-Year LLM students will receive 7 credits for the successful completion of the substantive law classes they enrolled in during the first year. During their second year, students will be required to earn an additional 17 credits of coursework.

Application Requirements

Two-Year LLM candidates must have earned a first law degree from their home jurisdiction.

Applicants who are academically qualified but have a lower English proficiency score than 100 on the TOEFL or its equivalent on the IELTS or ILEC will be assessed in a Skype-interview language evaluation as part of their admissions interview.

Applicants with a proficiency score of over 100 on the TOEFL will be assessed along the admission guidelines for regular 1-Year LLM applicants.

Candidates must submit:

  1. An application, which includes one brief essay (250-300 words);
  2. An application fee (only if applying by mail-waived for online applications);
  3. Two recommendation letters;
  4. Official academic transcripts, in notarized English translations, if not provided in English by your university;
  5. Confirmation of English-language proficiency, as in a recent TOEFL, IELTS or other standardized test scores. (WashULaw TOEFL code: 6929) NOTE: Your TOEFL score must be less than two years old at the time you begin classes at WashULaw.

If you do not have a recent standardized test score or no score at all, we will provide the opportunity for a Skype-interview language evaluation as part of your admissions interview.

Once admitted, you will be required to present a letter of credit from a bank or other lending institution showing you have sufficient financial support to study in the US.

All materials must be submitted by May 15.

We strongly recommend that applicants apply as early as possible.