2020 – 2021 JSD Scholars

Student Name Research Topic Advisor Name LinkedIn Profile
Abdullah Alassaf Corporation, Limited Liability Company Andrew Tuch www.linkedin.com/abdullah-alassaf
Fawaz Alawadhi Franchise Law Scott Baker www.linkedin.com/falawadhi
Ahmed Aljenaedel Religious Freedom and State Involvement John Inazu www.linkedin.com/ahmed-aljenaedel
Yasir Almalki Remedy Law Gerrit De Geest www.linkedin.com/huizhen-chen
Saad A. Alotaibi International Investment Law Economics, Negotiation, Amicable Dispute Resolution Juan Del Valle www.linkedin.com/s-alrowais
Mohammad F. Alqaydi Arbitration James Reeves www.linkedin.com/m-alqaydi
Rasha Alsugair Commercial and Bankruptcy Law Gerrit De Geest www.linkedin.com/rasha-alsugair
Kui Cai Intellectual Property Law, Antitrust and Architectural Copyrights, Patents and Trade Dress Kevin Collins
Weijia Cao Law and Economics, Financial Law, Financial Instrument and Contract Scott Baker www.linkedin.com/Weijia-Cao
Jutaporn Chaidesjuriya Evidence Peter Joy www.linkedin.com/jutaporn-chaidejsuriya
Huizhen Chen Antitrust, Intellectual Property, Comparative Law, Law and Economics, Tax Gerrit De Geest www.linkedin.com/huizhen-chen
Jiawen Chen Criminal Procedure Law, Juvenile Justice, and Children’s Welfare Daniel Epps www.linkedin.com/j-chen
Shin-Ru Cheng  Antitrust Law and Economics Analysis Lee Epstein
Freya Doughty International Human Rights & The Rights of The Child Under the UNCRC Susan Appleton www.linkedin.com/freya-doughty
Yuan Fang  International Public Law (Space Law Included) and Technology Law (Including Cyberlaw) David Konig www.linkedin.com/yuan-harry-fang
Jiahao Guo Copyright, Cyberlaw, and Technolgy Law David Konig
Meizhu Hou  Legal History, International Law, Law & Policy, and Interdisciplinary Study of Law. David Konig www.linkedin.com/meizhu-hou
Jiaxin Liang Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff www.linkedin.com/jiaxin-jasmine-liang
Yuqing Nie International Sales Law Gerrit De Geest www.linkedin.com/yuqing-nie
Vahid Shahmohammadi Insolvency of Corporate Groups and (In) dependence Under US and EU Laws Jonathan Smith
Weimin Shen International Law, Transnational Law, and International Relations Melissa A. Waters www.linkedin.com/weimin-shen
Sankalp Tyagi Constitutional Law David Konig
Michael Washington Privacy Rights Granted by the Fourth and Fifth Amendments Neil Richards www.linkedin.com/michael-washington
Xiaoxuan Wang Bioethics David Konig www.linkedin.com/xiaoxuan-wang
Chaoying Wen Criminal Law, Juvenile Justice, Comparative Law, and Children’s Welfare Daniel Epps
Keying Wu Criminal Procedures and Property David Konig www.linkedin.com/keying-wu
Quanli Zhao Intellectual Property, Antitrust Law, and Economics Gerrit De Geest
Minning Zhou International Environmental Law David Konig www.linkedin.com/minning-zhou
Yuan Zhou Corporation Law, International Economics Law, and Arbitration Law Danielle D’Onfro www.linkedin.com/yuanzhoulawyer