At WashULaw we are committed to your professional development.  You are making a significant investment in your career with your LLM or MLS, and our goal is for you to get the most possible value from your degree.  We provide training and support to help you pursue the next step in your legal career.

Professional Development Resources

  • Career Programming: We offer sessions designed specifically for non-U.S. lawyers and legal professionals. Learn how to present yourself in the U.S. legal market or how to leverage your U.S. legal degree in your home country.
  • Individual Resume Review: Meet with our dedicated career advisor to review your resume and supporting materials.
  • Course Advising: Meet with a course advisor to select courses that relate to your career goals.
  • Participation with UCLA and other leading law schools in the UCLA LLM Interviewing and Networking Program.
  • Bar Preparation Workshops: LLM students who qualify to take a bar exam may attend bar preparation workshops created to enhance the overall bar experience.
  • Alumni Association: Program graduates will become part of the prestigious WashULaw global alumni network.

Professional Licensure & Bar Examinations

Some of you may be interested in pursuing professional licensure in a state in the U.S.  Earning an LLM at WashULaw may open the possibility for foreign-trained lawyers to sit for bar exams and practice law in several states within the U.S. when eligibility requirements are met by candidates in accordance to the specific state regulations.

Foreign-trained LL.M. students who aspire to take a U.S. bar exam should review the applicable rules and regulations to determine whether they meet the requirements to obtain professional licensure in a specific state.  Note that state requirements change and there is no guarantee that the rules will be the same when you complete your degree. Please review the following disclosures carefully.

** Professional Licensure & Bar Examinations Disclosures**

Per U.S. Federal Regulations, Washington University School of Law (WashULaw) provides the following disclosure related to the educational requirements for professional licensure and certification.

The requirements for WashULaw’s LL.M. JSD and MLS degrees are not designed to satisfy the legal education requirement to sit for the bar exam in any state.  Receiving an LL.M., JSD or MLS degree alone will not satisfy state bar eligibility requirements.  Most U.S. states require a J.D. degree from an ABA-approved law school to be eligible for professional licensure. Some states allow students who completed their legal education in a foreign country to take the bar exam, subject to certain conditions, which can include an LL.M. degree at an ABA-approved law school. Foreign-trained LL.M. students who intend to take a U.S. bar exam should review the applicable rules and regulations to determine whether they meet the requirements to obtain professional licensure in a specific state.

This disclosure does not guarantee that any particular state licensure or certification entity will approve or deny your application. Furthermore, this disclosure does not account for changes in state laws or regulations that occur after matriculation to the LL.M. or MLS program that may impact your application. Enrolled students and prospective students are strongly encouraged to review all licensure and certification requirements imposed by their state(s) of choice.  Links to each jurisdiction’s bar authority is provided below.

Additionally, the National Council of Bar Examiners’ Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements provides details and contact information for state bar authorities.