The JD/MPH dual degree offers students the opportunity to gain the skill set that allows them to transform health outcomes across communities and populations by thinking broadly about complex legal and public health issues. Upon completion of the JD/MPH, students become effective client advocates by understanding the legal implications of public health problems and finding solutions to such problems.

Who should consider a JD/MPH?

A student who is interested in:

  • Health law and policy
  • Social determinants of health and how the law can positively impact such determinants
  • Global public health issues, including working with organizations such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations
  • Representing and advising hospitals, including compliance and regulatory issues
  • Community development agencies, including food and nutrition outreach programs and eldercare advocacy

How do I apply for the program?

A separate application must be submitted to both the law school and the Brown School. Please indicate to both schools, at the time you apply, that you are seeking admission as a joint-degree candidate. WashULaw will grant all current Washington University graduate students who wish to pursue a joint degree an application fee waiver.

How long does it take to earn a JD/MPH?

The JD/MPH takes four years to complete – one year less than if both degrees were completed separately. Students must comply with the admission requirements for both degree programs. The equivalent of five semesters (earning 77 credits) are spent at the law school and three semesters (earning 43 credits) are at the Brown School. Students who start in one program are welcome to apply to the other program and begin the JD/MPH in their second year of school.

Why Washington University?

The top-ranked WashULaw, Brown School and the Washington University School of Medicine collaborate to create multifaceted research and practice opportunities for students.  Students in the JD/MPH degree program have access to the incredible resources of the Career Center at the law school and the Career Services office at Brown.

Who should I contact if I need additional information?

  • Email the Admissions Office or call (314) 935-4525.
  • For questions related to tuition and financial aid, please email Carrie Burns, Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Student Services, or call (314) 935-4605.
  • For questions related to registration and residency or other course requirements, please email Sarah Hellin, Registrar, or call (314) 935-7458.
  • For questions about academic advising, please email Elizabeth Walsh, Associate Dean of Student Services, or call (314) 935-5861.