The JD/MA in WGSS joint degree offers a theoretically rigorous and critical justice-oriented study of the ways gender, race, and sexuality critically influence and are shaped by legal institutions and agencies to prepare students to work effectively in diverse institutions and agencies.

Who Should Consider a JD/MA in WGSS?

A student who is interested in:

  • Gender, law, and social justice organizations
  • Employment discrimination in workplaces
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace and educational institutions
  • Family law practice and policy
  • Reproductive rights organizations
  • Violence against women prevention and redress
  • LGBTQ rights in the workplace
  • Immigrant women’s rights in policy and law

How do I apply for the Program?

A separate application must be submitted to both the Law School and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.  Please indicate to both schools at the time of application that you are seeking admission as a joint degree candidate.

How long does it take to earn a JD/MA in WGSS?

The JD/MA takes four years to complete – one year less than if both degrees were completed separately. Students must comply with the admission requirements for both degree programs. The equivalent of five semesters (earning 86 credits, 9 of which may be completed in WGSS) are spent at the law school and three semesters (earning 32 credits, 9 of which may be completed in Law) are in the Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies in Arts & Sciences. Students who start in the Law School are welcome to apply to the joint program in that first year and, if accepted, begin the joint program in their second year of school.

Why Washington University?

WGSS and Law faculty have long had a collaborative relationship at Washington University.  A number of Law faculty are affiliated with WGSS and some have co-taught courses with WGSS faculty and served on WGSS Department committees. These formal affiliations enable us to offer coordinated guidance for students while completing the program and, with the Career Center in the Law School, in locating positions that draw on the knowledge and skills they acquire in the joint program.

Who should I contact if I need additional information?

  • Email the law school Admissions Office or call (314) 935-4525.
  • For questions related to tuition and financial aid, please email Carrie Burns, Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Student Services, or call (314) 935-4605.
  • For questions related to registration and residency or other course requirements, please email Sarah Hellin, Registrar, or call (314) 935-7458.
  • For questions about academic advising, please email Elizabeth Walsh, Associate Dean of Student Services, or call (314) 935-5861.
  • For questions about Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, please call Donna Kepley (314) 935-5102.