The Law School has compiled the following list of upper-level courses currently or recently offered to guide students interested in constitutional law and civil rights. Related clinics and/or externships are marked with an asterisk and grouped separately at the end of the list. The Law School offers the listed courses regularly, but some are not available every year. For guidance about which courses might best fit your particular needs, please consult the faculty members listed below.

  • Advanced Topics in Freedom of Expression
  • Civil Rights, Community Justice & Mediation Clinic*
  • Comparative Constitutional Law
  • Digital Civil Liberties Seminar
  • Education Equality, Equity and Reform
  • Employment/Civil Rights Mediation & Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice
  • Employment Discrimination
  • First Amendment: Topics of Pluralism Seminar
  • Immigration
  • Immigration Clinic*
  • Information Privacy Law
  • Public Law Theory Seminar
  • Religion & the Constitution
  • Sexuality & the Law
  • Speech, Press & the Constitution
  • Supreme Court Seminar

Clinics & Externships

The Law School offers the following clinics related to constitutional law and civil rights: the Civil Rights, Community Justice and Mediation Clinic and the Immigration Clinic.

Other Opportunities

The Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project is a national program that sends law students into public high schools to teach courses in constitutional law. Over the years, the WashULaw chapter has placed law students at three different local high schools: Northwest Academy, Clyde C. Miller Career Academy, and University City High School.

The following full-time faculty teach in the area of constitutional law and civil rights.

Faculty and Staff Directory
Katie Herbert Meyer Headshot

Katie Herbert Meyer

Associate Professor of Practice and Director, Immigration Law Clinic

Karen Tokarz Headshot

Karen Tokarz

Charles Nagel Professor of Public Interest Law & Policy; Director, Negotiation & Dispute Resolution Program and Director, Civil Rights & Mediation Clinic