This externship program offers students an opportunity to develop transaction, advocacy and litigation skills in criminal or civil law, working under the supervision of field supervisors in government law offices or legal departments of non-profits or corporations. Placements work in one of two ways: students can be assigned to a placement arranged by the school or students can find their own placement.

Placements made available by the school include:


  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
  • Emerson Electric
  • Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, Community Economic Development
  • Missouri Attorney General’s Office
  • Veterans Affairs, Office of General Counsel
  • Louis Zoo
  • And others . . .


  • Arch City Public Defenders
  • Federal Public Defender, S. D. Ill.
  • Louis City Public Defenders

Placements at any of the above sites are not guaranteed to be available; final placements are made at the discretion of the faculty and field supervisors.

Examples of placements that students have organized on their own include:

  • Illinois State Public Defenders Office
  • Louis County Counselor’s office
  • Scott Air Force Base/JAG
  • S. Department of Housing & Urban Development

Typical Student Activities

  • Civil, criminal, lawmaking, or policy-making matters, depending on their placement, and have the opportunity to engage in interviewing, counseling
  • Investigation
  • Drafting
  • Negotiation
  • Litigation
  • Settlement

Lawyering Practice Externship Faculty

Faculty and Staff Directory
Emily Gardner Headshot

Emily Gardner

Assistant Dean for Placement; Lecturer in Law

Alison Smith Headshot

Alison Smith

Director of Career Center for Resources and Strategy; Placement; Lecturer in Law; Co-Director of the Lawyering Practice Externship