A. Law Students:

The IEC is open to second and third-year students. There are no prerequisites for taking the clinic. Administrative Law or a course related to environmental law is recommended but not required as a pre- or co-requisite. Third-year students, students previously wait-listed for this clinic, and students who have not previously taken a clinic receive admission preference. Limit of 10 law students per semester.

Law students register for the IEC during the law school’s St Louis-based clinic enrollment process, which is prior to online registration. Students register each spring for both fall and spring Clinics in the following academic year.

B. Engineering, Arts & Sciences and Other Non-Law Students:

The IEC is open to graduate students and upper-level undergraduates. Coursework and/or experience in environmental engineering, environmental science, environmental policy, or related fields is recommended but not required. Students who are graduating, students with strong backgrounds in environmental engineering or environmental science, and students previously wait-listed for this clinic receive admission preference. Limit of 8 undergraduate/graduate students per semester.

Undergraduate and graduate students register for the IEC (course number L82 EnSt 539) through WebSTAC during online registration. Undergraduate/graduate students who register for the IEC are also required to submit a resume and a brief statement of interest to Clinic Scientist Ken Miller at kenneth.miller@wustl.edu. Note that registering for the clinic does not guarantee admission. All undergraduate/graduate students are placed on a waitlist initially; registrants are then evaluated and selected to enroll based on the preferences stated above until the enrollment cap is reached.

C. Medical Students:

The IEC is open to medical students for a 4- or 8-week rotation through the Occupational & Environmental Medicine (M25885) elective taught by Dr. Bradley Evanoff.

Course Requirements

Law students can enroll for 6 or 8 credit hours and are required to devote an average of 21 hours per week (for six credit hours) or 28 hours per week (for 8 credit hours) to IEC work. Non-law students can enroll for between 3 and 6 credit hours and are required to devote an average of 12 hours per week to IEC work for three credit hours and three additional hours per week for each additional credit hour. This includes preparation for and attendance each week in:

  • A 2-hour seminar for all students in the course on Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • One team meeting with other students and faculty working on your case(s)
  • One individual meeting with your faculty supervisor

Working in the IEC entails substantial reading and writing on client work, and limited additional reading and writing for seminar. There are no exams. Law students are graded on a modified pass/fail basis; non-law students receive letter grades.