Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff

Vice Dean for Research and Faculty Development and Professor of Law


A.B., Harvard College
J.D., Harvard Law School
Ph.D., New York University

Curriculum Vitae




Carol Sharp - (314) 935-4958

Phone / Email

Phone: (314) 935-6420 | 935-6043
Email: rhollander@wustl.edu 


Anheuser-Busch Hall, Room 420D | 539

Courses Taught

Civil Procedure
Federal Courts
Negotiation Theory & Practice
Advanced Negotiation Seminar
Law & Psychology


Professor Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff focuses on law and psychology in the context of dispute resolution. Her interdisciplinary perspective on legal dispute resolution uses psychological research and insights to better understand the role of legal actors, systems, and norms. She also explores the relationship between human behavior and dispute resolution systems, particularly in the context of legal negotiation and civil procedure.  Her work has been selected for presentation at the Stanford–Yale Junior Faculty Forum, the Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, the American Psychology–Law Society Annual Meeting, the Junior Faculty Federal Courts Workshop, and the Junior Faculty Criminal Law Workshop. Professor Hollander-Blumoff previously served as the Chair of the Executive Committee of the Association of American Law Schools Section on Civil Procedure.  Before becoming a law professor, she clerked for the Hon. Kimba M. Wood, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. She also practiced law at Lankler Siffert & Wohl LLP, a litigation firm in New York City specializing in white collar criminal defense. In addition to her undergraduate and law degrees from Harvard University, Professor Hollander-Blumoff holds a Ph.D. in social psychology from New York University, where she formerly served as an acting assistant professor in the Lawyering Program, as well as a research fellow at the Institute of Judicial Administration. Professor Hollander-Blumoff has been a Visiting Professor of Law at Notre Dame Law School and Harvard Law School.

Representative Publications

Recent Articles and Essays 

  • "Social Value Orientation and the Law," 59 William & Mary Law Review 457 (2017)
  • "Novel Negotiation," 2017 Journal of Dispute Resolution 61 (symposium issue)
  • “Building Relationships as Negotiation Strategy," in The Negotiator’s Desk Reference (DRI Press, St. Paul) (2017)
  • "Fairness Beyond the Adversary System: Procedural Justice Norms for Legal Negotiation," 85 Fordham Law Review 2081 (2017) (symposium issue)
  • “Formation of Procedural Justice Judgments in Legal Negotiation,” 26 Group Decision and Negotiation 19 (2017)
  • "Procedural Justice and Policing: Four New Directions," 52 Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 67 (2016)
  • "Crime, Punishment, and the Psychology of Self-Control," 61 Emory Law Journal 501 (2012)
  • "The Psychology of Procedural Justice in the Federal Courts," 63 Hastings Law Journal  127 (2011)
  • "Procedural Justice and the Rule of Law: Fostering Legitimacy in Alternative Dispute Resolution" (with Tom R. Tyler), Journal of Dispute Resolution 1 (2011) (symposium issue)
  • "Intrinsic and Extrinsic Compliance Motivations in Law: Comment on Feldman," 35 Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 53  (2011) (symposium issue)
  • "Just Negotiation," 88 Washington University Law Review 381 (2010) (selected for presentation at the 2009 Stanford-Yale Junior Faculty Forum)
  • "Law and the Stable Self," 54 Saint Louis University Law Review 1173 (2010) (symposium issue)
  • "Procedural Justice in Negotiation: Procedural Fairness, Outcome Acceptance, and Integrative Potential" (with T.R. Tyler), 33 Law & Social Inquiry 473 (2008)