New York Regulatory and Business Externship

New York City Skyline

The New York Regulatory and Business Externship places students in a semester-long clinical experience in New York City. 

New York Regulatory and Business Externship students have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the practice of business associations and regulation in the nation's largest city. The externship allows third-year law students, and qualified second-year law students, to spend their fall or spring semester in NYC and work under the direction of attorneys in a variety of non-profit, government, and in-house counsel offices having an emphasis on business associations and regulation. Examples of potential student placements include positions with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), New York Attorney General’s Office and the in-house counsel's office for large businesses. These externships expose students to nonprofit and business associations, as well as regulatory environments, and students gain a level of experiential training and learning that will allow a more rapid transition to practice in their post graduate careers. Through their externships, the students will gain practical and technical experience from client representation and work with regulators in the various placements.

Program Offerings

  • first-hand learning about the practice of business associations and regulation in the nation's largest city under mentorship of practicing attorneys;
  • improved lawyering skills such as research, writing, legal analysis, client interviewing, communication, negotiation, and advocacy;
  • integration of prior learning in law school with the practice of law;
  • student exposure to legal and business ethics in context;
  • development of an understanding of workplace issues such as time management, workplace culture, professionalism, teamwork, and giving and receiving feedback;
  • experiential training designed to assist with career placement; and
  • promotion of self-directed, lifelong learning.

Pre-requisite: Complete all first year courses and Corporations.   
Course Credits:  12 (for 15 weeks of full-time work).

STUDENTS: Click here to view information about the New York Regulatory and Business Externship. This handout provides general information that will be helpful for you to know before registering.

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Questions can be directed to Katie Herr, Clinic Operations Manager, Room 107,, 314-935-5942