Faculty Scholarship Spotlight


Illusory Ethics: Trump’s Ethics Executive Order

Kathleen Clark | U. Ill. L. Rev. Online: Trump 100 Days (April 29, 2017).

Patent Law’s Authorship Screen

Kevin Collins | University of Chicago Law Review (forthcoming 2017)

“The Decline of Supreme Court Deference to the President.”

Epstein, Lee & Eric Posner | University of Pennsylvania Law Review, 166 (forthcoming 2017)

Social Value Orientation and the Law

Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff | 59 William & Mary Law Review (forthcoming 2017)

Unlawful Assembly as Social Control

John Inazu | 64 UCLA L. Rev. 2 (2017)

Data-Driven Discrimination at Work

Pauline Kim | William & Mary Law Review (forthcoming 2017) | [SSRN]

Alternatives to Liberal Constitutional Democracy

David Law | 76 Maryland Law Review (forthcoming 2017)

Aggressive Encounters & White Fragility: Deconstructing the Trope of the Angry Black Woman

Kim Norwood | 102 Iowa L. Rev ___ (2017)

Putting Peacetime First: Crimes Against Humanity and the Civilian Population Requirement

Leila Sadat |Emory International Law Review (2017)

Congressional and Presidential War Powers As a Dialogue: Analysis of the Syrian and ISIS Conflicts

49 Cornell Intl. L. J. 683 (2016) (with Charles Tiefer)

The Forgotten Family Law of Eisenstadt v. Baird

Susan Appleton | 28 Yale Journal of Law & Feminism 1 (2016)

The Structural Implications of Disclosure

Kevin Collins | Vanderbilt Law Review (2016)

Adversarial Symmetry in the Criminal Process

Dan Epps | NYU Law Review (2016)

“Some Thoughts on the Study of Judicial Behavior”

Lee Epstein | William & Mary Law Review 57: 2017-2073 (2015 George Wythe Lecture) (2016)

Procedural Justice and Policing:  Four New Directions

Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff | 52 Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 67 (2016) (symposium issue)

Market Norms and Constitutional Values in the Government Workplace

Pauline Kim | 94 North Carolina Law Review 601 (2016) | SSRN  | PDF 

Recalibrating the scales of municipal court justice:  A dissenter’s view

Kim Norwood | 51 Wash. U. J. L. Pol’y 121 (2016)

The Proposed Restatement Fourth of the Foreign Relations Law of the United States: Treaties – Some Serious Procedural and Substantive Concerns

Leila Sadat | BYU Law Review (2016)

"We Believe”: Omnicare, Legal Risk Disclosure and Corporate Governance

Hillary Sale | 66 Duke Law Journal 763 (2016) (with Donald C. Langevoort).

Banker Loyalty in Mergers and Acquisitions

Andrew Tuch | 94 Texas Law Review 1079 (2016)

Appellate Law-Making in a Judicial Hierarchy

Scott Baker | 58 Journal of Law & Economics (2015) (w/ A. Badawi).

Re-Assembling Labor

Marion Crain & John Inazu. Illinois Law Review (2015)

The 'Right to Try’ Investigational Drugs: Science and Stories in the Access Debate, Symposium on Science Challenges for Law and Policy

Rebecca Dresser | , University of Texas Law Review 93:1631-1657 (2015)

Addressing Systemic Discrimination: Public Enforcement and the Role of the EEOC

Pauline Kim | 95 Boston University Law Review 1133 (2015) | SSRN  | PDF 

The REINS Act: Unbridled Impediment to Regulation

Ron Levin | 83 George Washington Law Review 1446 (2015)

The Marrow of Tradition: The Roberts Court and Categorical First Amendment Speech Exclusions

Greg Magarian | 56 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. (2015) (symposium).

Privacy’s Trust Gap

Neil Richards | 126 Yale L.J. (forthcoming 2017)

Why Data Privacy Law Is (Mostly) Constitutional

56 William and Mary Law Review 1501 (2015)

Free Exercise Lochnerism

Liz Sepper | 115 COLUM. L. REV. 1457 (2015).