Copyright and Related Rights - Fall 1998

Instructor: McManis

Median = 83 (corrected - see note below)
92 1
91 3
90 1
88 4
87 2
86 1
85 6
84 1
83 4
82 3
81 4
80 4
79 1
78 1
77 2
76 2
75 1
74 2
73 1
71 1

From: Professor Charles McManis
Date: January 12, 1999
RE: Median change and review of exams

I made an error in setting the median for the class. I intended to adopt 83 as the median, but erroneously drew the line above, rather than below, where it needed to be drawn for an 83 median. Correcting the error, however, merely entailed changing one grade of 82 to an 83. (Contrary to what some students apparently believe, setting or changing the median in a class does not necessarily effect each and every grade in the class; as here, a change in the median can be accomplished by changing a single grade by a single point. Thus, students should not overestimate the significance of the particular median chosen by a professor or assume that the particular median chosen necessarily affects how they do in the course; it doesn't.)

My secretary, Jane Bettlach, now has your graded bluebooks, copies of the exam, and a critique of the essay question available for your perusal. If you would like to go over multiple choice questions, or ask additional questions about the essay, you may sign up on he sheet on my office door for an appointment.