The School of Law Regional Councils are a two-year pilot program. The mission of the regional councils is to advance WashULaw’s academic goals and assist the dean in responding to any and all challenges facing legal education. To fulfill this mission, the regional councils will share key updates with alumni in their regions; increase the number of engaged alumni; improve alumni networking opportunities; cultivate positive ambassadors; and increase brand awareness, profile, and reputation across the country.

Member Appointments

The board is comprised of leaders who seek to improve both the School of Law and the legal discipline. Members are appointed by the dean, selected for their distinction in law, business, service to the public, and demonstrated commitment to the school.

Member Term

The regional council members are appointed for a two-year term, consistent with the two-year pilot program.

Council Officers

The dean selects one or more council members to serve as the chair (or co-chairs) of each regional council for a one-year term. When appropriate, the chair or co-chairs may ask specific council members to serve on a committee, subcommittee, or task force. The chair or co-chairs also serve as ex officio members of the dean’s board of advisors.

Council Meetings

The councils will typically meet on a semi-annual basis. The dean or the dean’s delegate will join the meetings at least one time per year to provide updates and advance the work and mission of the regional councils.

Member Roles and Responsibilities

To enable members to succeed in their roles and responsibilities, and to advise the dean on any and all matters, the School of Law has developed guidelines to clarify what is expected of those invited to join the regional councils:

  • Attending and actively participating in board meetings and functions (participation in other university events is encouraged).
  • Serving in leadership positions and assisting with special assignments, including committees and subcommittees, when possible.
  • Supporting and affirming the value of WashULaw by making the school a philanthropic priority through meaningful financial contributions to the annual fund at the minimum level of $10,000, or at the level commensurate with the member’s capacity.
  • Opening doors to secure the resources (financial, human, or political) necessary for the school to achieve its mission and purpose.
  • Serving as a positive ambassador and an advocate for the school by continually sharing our story and passion for excellence within the member’s sphere of influence.
  • Taking the initiative at least one time per year to host an event, of any size, to share the school’s story, build our profile, and expand our network.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of any board discussion that involves sensitive matters, as well as all confidential and proprietary information associated with the school or university.
  • Keeping informed about the School of Law, its role within the university, and trends in higher education that can affect its future.