"Washington University offers a very supportive environment for LGBT students, faculty, and staff. When I received tenure twenty years ago, I was the first openly gay faculty member on the law school faculty. Now, there are six and many, many gay allies among the law school faculty and administration. I greatly value the collaborative partnership that exists between faculty and students at the law school and across the university on research, speakers, and conferences throughout the year."
Karen Tokarz, Charles Nagel Professor of Public Interest Law and Public Service and Director, Negotation and Dispute Resolution Program

"The question of legal and social justice for sexual minorities is one of the most pressing questions of our time. I am excited to be teaching at an institution with so many students and colleagues, at the law school and across the university, committed to theorizing, debating, and acting on sexual justice."
Adrienne D. Davis, Vice-Provost, William M. Van Cleve Professor of Law, and Director, Law & Culture Initiative 

"Coming to Wash U, I wasn't sure what to expect. My partner and I had been living out in the Bay Area in Oakland, CA, possibly one of the most queer-friendly places in the entire country. I was pleasantly surprised by the supportive environment at Wash U. I particularly enjoyed OUTLaw's new student welcome reception, which gave me the opportunity to get to know progressive members of the St. Louis legal community in an informal setting. Through my conversations and experiences with Wash U faculty and staff over the four years, I've found that the law school has a genuine commitment to GLBTQ inclusion and justice."
Emily Danker-Feldman, JD-MSW, Class of 2013, former OUTLaw President 

"Since my first day of orientation, I always felt welcomed and accepted at Washington University Law. The faculty were amazing--we have a good number of "out" faculty and an even more sizable number of ally advocates. I never found anything but support and willingness to help on LGBTQA issues from faculty, but also Deans, the Career Service Office advisors, and support staff. Perhaps, more importantly, Washington University attracts students who are very open and supportive of the LGBTQA students on campus. Being "out" at law school is completely normal and accepted without hesitation or judgment by other students. Further, OUTLAW is always included in diversity programming at the law school, so the LGBTQA perspective is frequently represented in speakers and events. While St. Louis may not have the LGBTQA scene of New York or L.A., it does have a fairly sizable scene, and Wash U. Law students can meet other LGBTQA grad students through the very-active OUTGRADS organization on campus.
Ryan Kusmin, Class of 2011, former OUTLaw President