Master of Juridical Studies (MJS)

All MJS applicants are encouraged to apply directly through the LL.M. Online Application.

The Master of Juridical Studies (MJS) program is designed for individuals in career fields who would benefit from limited legal training and do not require a professional degree. This degree is the equivalent of an MA or MS degree and requires 30 credit hours.

MJS students earn 24 of their credits through regular course work and the final six  credits after composition of an original thesis based on independent research.

Important Note:  Completion of a MJS degree does not qualify recipients to practice law.  Furthermore, if a MJS student wishes to pursue a JD degree, they must follow the same application process as JD applicants, including taking the LSAT exam.  Credit earned toward the MJS is not transferable to the JD program.


Because the MJS program is so small (one or two students at any given time), the program is extremely flexible as regards curriculum.

Students may pursue the MJS on a full-time basis, taking 24 credits in the classroom (typically, that translates to six or seven semester-long courses) and one six-credit thesis paper reflecting original research and writing.  The classroom portion of the degree can be completed in as few as two semesters.

Classroom courses may be drawn from the entire JD course catalog, in consultation with the MJS advisor and, in time, with the thesis advisor.  There are no externship requirements.  Although our course offerings vary from year to year, you can get a sense of our course offerings by looking at our Course Information and Directory website located at  Since MJS students have a substantial writing requirement, they cannot take seminar courses, which satisfy the JD writing requirement; they also cannot take clinic or clinical classes, which are practice-oriented courses for those about to practice law.

Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for admission, applicants must submit: (1) an application (available online at LL.M. Online Application); (2) two letters of recommendation; (3) application fee; (4) official academic transcripts in English from all undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools attended, whether or not a degree was awarded, along with class rank; and (5) for non-native English speakers, proof of a satisfactory score on a test of English as a foreign language (i.e., 600 (paper-based) or 100 (Internet-based) TOEFL; a C1 Pass on the ILEC; or a 7.5 on the IELTS).  Note that the TOEFL code for the law school is 6929-03.

Admissions criteria include strong prior educational and professional credentials, a clear sense of why the candidate is pursuing a MJS, and what legal studies would contribute to the candidate professionally and personally.

All materials must be submitted by May 15 of the year in which you seek to be admitted. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Quotes from Previous Students

Malaika Durham, MJS Student 2006-2007

The MJS program has given me a chance to take upper-level law courses in intellectual property. I feel this program will ensure that I am prepared for my career as a patent agent.


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