U.S. Law LL.M. - Elements of the Program


The LL.M. program begins in late August with a one-week orientation introducing students to faculty and staff. New LL.M. students tour the library, receive instruction in databases useful for legal research, participate in discussions about the Socratic method of teaching, and learn the differences between civil and common law and other differences you might encounter as a student at an American law school. An American J.D. student is assigned to be your mentor. Social events, such as attending a Cardinals baseball game, are part of your orientation to the law school and the St. Louis area. Over 20 student organizations are open to you.

LL.M. Study

All students are required to take a four credit, two-semester course: Introduction to U.S. Law and Methods. This course is specifically designed to present an overview of U.S. law and the American legal system with a focus on legal analysis, research and writing. In addition to this mandatory course, LL.M. students are free to choose courses from throughout the law school catalog, ensuring that LL.M. students study and learn alongside both J.D. and LL.M. students. Students have frequent opportunities for individual review and revision of their written work and one-on-one conferences with faculty. Most WU classes conclude with written final examinations.

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Bamidele Adelayo Interview

View a brief excerpt from an interview with a student from Nigeria discussing Washington University School of Law’s LL.M. in U.S. Law for Foreign Lawyers.

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Judicial Observation Program

Washington University is one of a small number of law schools to offer a judicial observation program as part of its LL.M. program. Participants are paired with a federal judge for 4-6 weeks during the summer after graduating from the LL.M. program. This program offers a unique opportunity to view the American judicial system first hand. Although the experience varies from year to year and from judge to judge, past participants have written memoranda and orders for their judge, listened to pretrial motions and jury selection, attended sentencing hearings, and more. Through this program, our graduates gain a deeper understanding of U.S. legal principles first encountered in the classroom.


Former Professor John Haley and Sena Dei-Tutu, Class of 2002
Former Professor John Haley and Sena Dei-Tutu,
Class of 2002

LL.M. degrees are awarded to students who successfully earn 24 hours of academic credit, which is usually completed in two semesters of study. Successful degree candidates must average passing marks from all courses. Students are expected to complete the program during one academic year, although the School of Law may grant special permission for an extension.

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