We just came across new feature which allows you to download the book in either .pdf format or to your eReader of choice. At the present time, it appears that books available with this feature are from the 19th century.

For example, are you seeking Simon Greenleaf. A Treatise on the Law of Evidence 12th edition (1858 )? The entire book is now available for download through Google books.  When you go to Google Books, enter “Simon Greenleaf” in ‘Search Books.’ Limit your search to the ‘19th century,’ located under ‘Any Time,’ on the left.

19th century English cases such as Baily v. Taylor, 1 Tamlyn 295 (831), is also available through Google books and is downloadable.

This case was cited in: Callaghan v. Myers, 128 U.S. 617, 9 S.Ct. 177, 32 L.Ed. 547, U.S.Ill.,(1888) see Stephen Keyes, Cases Argued and Decided in the Supreme Court of the United States, Book 32 (1889).  This book is allso downloadable.

There are millions of books on Google on books. Remember, old material may be relevant when researching a legal issue.

Mark Kloempken and Tove Klovning