We have a new subscription to a relatively new current awareness service that covers mostly federal litigation: Law360: The Newswire for Business Lawyers and in the following topic areas:

Appellate, Bankruptcy, Class Action, Competition, Contract, Corporate Finance, Employment, Energy, Environmental, Financial Services, Government Contracts, Health, Insurance, Intellectual Property, International Trade, Product Liability, Securities, Southeast, Technology, Top News and White Collar.  State litigation was also recently added under the following headings: California, Midwest, New York, and Texas.

Please feel free to subscribe to as many as you like. The address is http://www.law360.com.

******  IMPORTANT: *******

Because this subscription is only licensed to the law school, you can only access it IF you are

(a) On a law school desktop computer OR

(b) Connected to the VPN

In other words, if you are using a wireless connection and/or you are not in the law school building, you must log on to the VPN before it will work. (If you want VPN help, it’s officially Computer Services’ domain, but feel free to ask me and I will help if I am able.)